Monday, April 17, 2017

MYSTYLE: McCalls 9147 and Simplicity 1104 Summer Work Wear

As some of you may know I am a Florida girl born and raised.  Though being in the Military afforded me an opportunity to live in some very interesting places, to me there is really no place like home. Florida weather especially summers can be HELL on earth, I love that I can wear cute tops and sandals almost year round. But for office wear I need cute tops that I can transition into every day life. 

I was working on making myself some tops because of course you can never ever ever have enough of them.  I also made the pants and paired them with these cute pair of orange pumps for a pop of color.

Happy Sewing!

MYSTYLE: Simplicity 8216

My Wardrobe is in desparate need of updating.  I need lovely, simple chick dresses for this hot Florida weather.  When I first go this pattern my thought was to make the top, because of course I could never have enough tops.   But after looking at the pattern for awhile, then cutting it out, I knew exactly what fabric I would pair with it andthat it would be my first spring dress.  

The pattern comes together very easy, and the fabric was a nice rayon challis from

I paired it with a faux leather Obi Belt I made some time ago.   Here is the styled look:

The only modification I made was to lengthen the pattern two inches, and omit the elastic casting at the waist.  

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

This was on my vision board to do early in January, but with obligations and life situations I never got to it.  I was deteremined to atleast get it cut out and started.  Who knows when it will be done, but I am hoping within the next week or so.  

I always try to get a pattern cut and started, that way I am forced to look at it constantly and reminded that I have posted about it, so I need to get it complete.  

I really like the lines and style of this pattern.  The fabric I chose is floral  lawn form I have actually had it my stash for over a year.  This fabric was originally going to be used to make a spring clutch purse, and that this why I only purhased 2 yards.  This pattern requried a little over 2 yardsfor the size I cut, but as always manage to make it fit.  Wooo and I mean I had no room for error. 

Progress Pictures: 

It is coming together nicely so far, even though the insruction and pattern pieces seem to be a little more than required for the button plackard, Once it is complete I will do a quick review.  I am really liking how it is coming out and excited about finishing it up and styling, so stay tuned. 

Happy Sewing!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sewing for Others: Poodle/Circle Skirt, McCalls 4463 from 1989.

Black Taffeta Circle Skirt made for a client.  I used a McCall poodle skirt pattern, McCalls 4463 from 1989 and modified it to add pockets and a back zipper as the pattern called for side zipper.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sewing for Others: McCalls 6552 Jumpsuit (Nah Two Piece)

My favorite cousin is attending a wedding and she is the least person to go shopping for anything.  So when she came to me for an outfit for her friend’s wedding, I was more than eager to oblige.  Her style is simple but elegant.  She doesn't do a lot of out the box or trendy styles, she's comfortable when she can move and enjoy herself with as less fuss as humanly possible.  

I had her go through my hundreds of patterns to find something that she would like.  We picked out several but finally we both decided that this particular pattern would give her everything she wanted.   This pattern is actually a jumpsuit, but she doesn't do jumpsuits so I modified it to make it two piece set.  

McCalls 6552:

The jacket is made of a really pretty stretch lace fabric from Joanns.  The body of the garment is a metallic/Silver performance knit.   The only modifications I made were to lengthen the top a few inches and add an inch to the top of the pants to account for waistband, since this is a jumpsuit pattern to make it a just a top and pantsuit.    

This pattern has actually been on my list to make for myself for awhile.  I just had never gotten around to it.  I love the different pant styles and I will do a jumpsuit in a heartbeat for mself.  I'm still going to make it for myself one day soon. 

Happy Sewing?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Camoflauge Gathered Skirt and Lace Ruffled Strap Tank

Isn't it ironic, I was in the military for 8 years and I despised wearing fatigues/camouflage.  I had to wear fatigues/camo every single work day.   They were the most hideous uniform for a women especially, and they were heavy and not complimentary to your body.  I know that there is a reason for that, your taught your a soldier first and a women second.  

But fast forward, 23 years later I am in love with camouflage.  This gathered skirt made with fabric from Walmart believe it or not is one of my favorites.  I can't wait to make it in a Midi.  I don't really do Maxi's but I absolutely love Midi's.    

Happy Sewing!

Friday, January 20, 2017

MYSTYLE: Happy Friday Cigarette Pants - Simplicity 1371

I love a cute pair of Cigarette pants, and add some cute heels and top and you have a jazzy outfit.  I made these pants several months ago.  I love them to I can casual them up on or down.  The Cigarette pant is prefect for my body style.  Not much booty but a curvy hip helps give me a silhouette.

I paired my Cigarette pants with a simple white tank top and sleeveless cardigan I made years ago. The pumps are chose are from Goodwill and they are too a couple years old, I don't even know the brand.  

Another Styled option.  With a Dolman Sleeve top I made with Slit sleeves and matching pumps. The pumps are thrifted as well. 

 Happy Sewing!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

MYSTYLE: When In Paris Skirt.

I have fallen in love with skirts all over again.  There, for a very long time, I wouldn't wear skirts.  Not sure why I gave up on them, I guess I just went through a frumpy phase and only wanted to put on pants.

This particular skirt was made with fabric I found at Walmart.  Yes, for $1.00 a yard.  Its very light and I did not line.  I added pockets, because, I add pockets to everything.  I need pockets in my life always.  The skirt is pleated with an invisible zipper.  I paired my "When in Paris Skirt" with a sleeveless cross body top and denim bolero.  My shoes are nude pumps by Jessica Simpson.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

McCalls 7441: My Christmas Party Cardigan

Ok I found my favorite Cardigan.  I am just now blogging about this cardigan, but it was made in December and especially for my Christmas Party at work.   It came out even better than I had expected it too. The fabric was such a nice compliment and I can wear it year around in my very cold office on most days.   I paired it with my white jeans, a simple black tank top, and my red suede side zip peep toe boots.  

Here is a view of the back  As  you can see it flows very nicely.

Quick Review:  McCalls 7441:

Was it Easy:  Very
Modifications:   None
Sizing:   True to size (I went down a size because of the stretchy of the fabric).
Would I Make Again:  Definitely
Do I recommend:  Highly
Notes:  This is definitely and TNT for me.

Happy Sewing!

MYSTYLE: Winter Shorts and Off the Shoulder Top!

We Floridians can break and make our own fashion rules.  Winter Shorts are my fashion rule.  I love to wear shorts, but I wanted some casual or dress up shorts.  I actually made this outfit for someone else from a vision I had for myself. They didn't like it, so I ended up with an outfit I LOVED.  The color is very vibrant and one of my favorites.   

The fabric I used is a lightweight Linen Blend from Joann Fabrics.  It's a mustard color and it flows really nice.  Below is a picture of the details of the shorts, they are pleated in the front and have darts int he back.  The Patterns I used to achieve this look is McCalls 6558 for the top, modified to add fullness and side slits.  I used Simplicity 8093 for the shorts, also modified to shorten the length of pants to shorts. 

I am very pleased with how the outfit came out and I  styled it two ways to show how I could wear it. The first look is with my Brown Suede Lainee D'Orsay Merona Pumps form Target and a thrift braided belt.  For my second look I paired my outfit with a thrift braided leather belt and my Vince Camuto Fermel' Slouch Tassel Boots.  

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day to Night Dress Challenge

I was so happy when Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This contacted me and asked me to be a part of this challenge.  I have had a crazy few months with health issues and other pressing matters, I needed something to get me focused and back into my sewing Mojo so this challenge was just what I needed. 

Please go to her page to get more information about the challenge and others who are participating, and find out how you can participate as well.  


My Night/Evening dress is a sheath dress with keyhole opening at chest, neckband and sleeveless made with a textured stretch black Crepe from Joann Fabric. The Pattern I used is a vintage pattern McCalls 1031,by Designer Geoffrey Beene from 1968, which happens to be the year of my birth. So this pattern is almost 50 years old. I have such a love for anything Vintage.  I made no modifications to the pattern.  It was a one size pattern, so the fit was perfect.  I am very pleased how it came out and can't wait to wear it. I didn't want to take away from the elegance of the dress so I kept my accessories simple and my Vintage patent leather pumps were a perfect match.

I definitely see myself wearing this to a special event or after cocktails .


My Day/Work/Play dress is another McCalls pattern, McCalls 7119 from spring of last year I think.  I picked this pattern because of the Raglan sleeve detail.  I have always loved this type bodice because it helps camouflage my rather large bust, I think so anyway.  The fabric I chose is a Rayon Challis from Fabricmart with a small geometric design thought.   I made no changes to the pattern at all.  I paired it with my suede brown boots and gold chain necklace.  

This dress is perfect for a day in the office, running errands, and or having brunch with friends.  

Happy Sewing!!!