Friday, October 31, 2014

Simplicity 1463: Silver Striped Bling Tee!

I am in love with this Tee Shirt. It feels amazing against my skin and it was quick and simple. The pattern was straight forward you don't even need instructions.  I can see having a few more as wardrobe fillers.  A quick Tee to grab and go with jeans or even dress up.    

Silver Striped Bling Tee:


Happy Sewing!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Simplicity 1618: Starlite Starbrite Pants!

Cozy comfortable, that's my motto.  I found this fabric last weekend at my local fabric store, The Sewing Studio.  The store is about 20 minutes from my home, but not a straight shot.  I have to travel through a couple small cities to get to it.  The prices are also hit and miss and can be a little pricey, so I only go when I am in that area or if I am looking for something specific.  So, since I had a few minutes last weekend and I was in the area I ran in to see what they had in their remnant bin and came across this lovely fabric. Its a Challis and it wasn't a remnant which I specifically went in to look at, but the price was okay at $7.00 a yard, so I got a couple yards.  

Simplicity 1618 is my TNT for flowy pants.  The legs are just wide enough and the fit is right wear I wanted it to be.  I almost added pockets but I decided against it at the last moment. 


Happy Sewing!

Abstract Remnant Top! Quick, Easy, and Simple!

I have a hard time throwing away fabric.  Even when I know there is not much else I can get out of the 3/4 of yard that is left from sewing a garment, I still try and hang on for as long as I can. 

This week I decided to do my annual purge and donate, which I try to do as close to the Holiday Season because I know this when people are in need the most.   So I removed everything from my closet that I had not worn or touched in a year, gathered it all in bag and contacted the Disabled Vets to come pick it up.  Both my husband and I are Veterans and he is also an Disable Veteran from Desert Storm.

While cleaning out my closet I found a bag of remnants.  I don't even remember what I made with the original fabric.  In the bag was this particular piece and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it, so I went to my pattern app and Pinterest to see if I could find something quick and easy. There was  only a little over a yard of fabric, so I knew it would be some time of top. 

Here is what I came up with:


Quick Review (reviewed also on Pattern

Pattern:  New Look 6273 ( View B).
Modifications:  Cut back on the fold adjusting it to take away 5/8, instead of two pieces as pattern piece instructed.  Since I was using a knit I didn't need the opening and button closure.
I used a double needle for hemming.

Happy Sewing!

Vogue 7997 - Modified: Houndstooth Off the Shoulder Sweater Top with Cape!

My version of Vogue 7997 with many modifications.  I decided to make my band more of a cape because of my large bust.  After reading the pattern reviews and staring at the pattern sheets, I knew I didn't feel I would get the coverage I needed.  I am also not a huge fan of off the shoulder for myself, though I find it is so flattering for others.  I am really self conscious about my breast so I try to give them maximum coverage.  

Here is my version of 7997:


I'll post pics in it soon.   

Quick Review:

I added 5 inches to the band and the bodice, and 3 inches to the sleeves.  I wanted the sleeves to cover my palms for those cool nights.  

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Floral Sheer Sleeve Top: Another Theirs/Mine Copy Cat Creation

I am quite please with how my blouse came out, even with the wonky neckline.  I thank you all for your suggestions on how to make a better knit neckline, and will be practicing these methods.  

I decided I didn't want my neckline as wide as the original.  



Quick Overview:

I used McCalls 6886 for the body and sleeves.  Instead of contouring as the pattern piece is constructed I boxed it and took out the contour.  The neckline, cuffs, and waistband was made of Ponte Roma Knit.  In hindsight, I should have used a not so tightly woven knit.  

Happy Sewing!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Yes, you got me this time, but I am coming for you and I will be the victor.  I will conquer you!  Be prepared for defeat.  

I've been working on some of my Pinterest Inspiration projects.  As I find garments that I want to recreate I quickly pin them to my "Things I want to Sew" board on Pinterest.  I have been eyeing this top for months, and finally I found (already had actually) the perfect fabric to recreate this look. 


The Top is found here:  Sugar Love Boutique.

The fabric is a very stretchy Jersey Knit.  Its been in my stash for months but I never paid much attention to it until just recently when I saw this top.  

Ok so now come the issue, THIS NECKLINE.  Here is my version so far and OH my the neckline is is killing me:


Needless to say, I am going to take this apart and redo it.  I can't stand it and it is going to cause me all kinds of angst and heartache.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, October 13, 2014

For the Not So Cool Florida Nights: The Cocoon Cardigan

When I found this sweater knit fabric it was in the remnant bin of a local fabric store.  It was a little over 2 yards and the price was right, so of course I had to have it (I need no reason at all to buy fabric).  Immediately I knew based on the weight that it would be some sort of sweater or outer garment. 

When I first came across this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew I had to make this and immediately my sweater knit fabric popped in my head.  I literally couldn't wait to make it.  The Tutorial is from  Kelli of DIY Cocoon Cardigan.  She did wonderful job explaining how to make this quick and easy cardigan, and I plan to make many more.  Here she is:


Back View:


Side View:


The tutorial was very easy to understand, and everything went together quickly.  I am not exactly happy with the the gathering at the top/back, but I can definitely live with it.  I may pick it apart later if I feel inclined too, but for now I am happy with it. 

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vogue 8968: Mishaps, Messups and Oops

What looks so simple sometimes can be more than a notion (play on words, ha).  My dear cousin Kendra asked me to make Vogue 8968 for her a couple of months ago. Yes, I am just getting started sort of.  I actually started a few weeks ago, but I had a few mishaps. 

First let me say, this is why I am very selective of what and for whom I sew for.  Not that my dear cousin Kendra is a problem, but my mistake letting her pick the fabric.  A very ravelly (is that a word?), a silky not so pleasant fabric to work with.  

I was half way through getting it done when I made a huge boo boo.  Yes, I cut right through the middle of the darn dress not paying attention.  

A gash so huge I couldn't recover from:


so needless to say I had to go buy fabric and start all over again.  On to my second attempt, and again I was not paying attention, and I did't add the extra length in it as I was asked to do so, so that the dress would be a little longer. Back to Joann's I went and again, I had to start all over.  Not to mention the freakin dress requires that you slip stitch the entire bottom section inside the dress. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.  Why do I continue to do this to myself.  

So tuned, hopefully I will be done today with this nightmare this evening. 

Happy Sewing!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Party Sewing: Off the Shoulder Mermaid Flared Bottom Skirt Dress (woo what a name)

I had the pleasure of making a dress for my dear friends 50th Birthday celebration. The the theme was "A Crimson Affair".  

She contacted me a couple of months ago and asked if I would make her an outfit.  I was honored, but shortly after her asking me, I loss my Father, and with everything going on, I loss time.  She was patient and waited until I was ready to start her project which was two weeks out from her party.  She is very tall so we wanted to go with something that would show off her long frame. 

We had the best time deciding on what she would wear and ultimately picking this very flattering Off the Shoulder Mermaid Flared Bottom Skirt:

Off the Shoulder Flared Bottom Mermaid Dress

And this is my lovely friend wearing her dress:


I also made my outfit which will be spotlighted in the next post, and our mutual and dear friend, which happens to me her bestfriend (figure that out if you will).  Her name is Vera, and she's my sons Godmother.  Here the inspiration and final garment:


And here we are in our crimson creations made by me:

The Crimson Birthday Celebration was fabulous!  I was ecstatic watching my creations on the dance floor and the smiles on my friends face!  #itsmelaniedarling #customsewing #seamstress #sewist #sewingblogger #burgundy #birthdaycelebration

Happy Sewing!

The Ultimate Pant Set: A Crimson Affair

The past couple of weeks have been a blur.  I have had so much on my plate, and I was so afraid I wouldn't meet any of my deadlines.  So after my Fathers home going celebration I jumped right into my project sewing. 

I went to a birthday party this past weekend for a dear friend and who I made a lovely dress for along with my outfit and our mutual friend.  The celebration was lovely.   Here are the details for the outfit I made for me and the inspiration which I found on Pinterest:


I had this lovely Ponte Roma Knit for sometime and wasn't sure exactly what I was going to make with it.  It was onsale though I do not need a reason to buy Ponte Roma Knit since it is my ultimate and most favorite fabric, but the minute I saw it on the Mood Fabric website and the price which I believe was $6.00 per yard, I had to have it.  It so blush and soft and I just love it.  

My initial ideas was to make a jumpsuit like my inspiration picture, but I thought where else would wear it and how much wear would I actually get out the jumpsuit.  So I decided to go with the a pant set instead with modifications.  

Pant Set Details, I used two different patterns to create this look:

Top:  I used  McCalls 6650, which is now out of print.  I used a Maroon colored organza for the Pussybow sash and added about 4 inches so that it would hang very long and flow when I walk.  I decided not to tapper the shoulders either, as I didn't think that would be very flattering on me. Opted to not put fringe on the sash so that the top could be used for any occasion like so:


Bottom:  I used my tried and true McCalls 6083, which I always get a great fit with.  I decided to make slit pockets instead of the patterned dropped pockets. I made a elastic casing for the waistband and added an inch in the length of the waist so that they hugged me a little higher on the waist.

I am so very pleased at how the entire outfit came out.  Happy Sewing!