Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Simplicity 1661: Animal Print Tie Front Top

Another day, another top.  Its getting quite lovely when I open up my closet door and see all my lovely new tops.  I have incorporated more colors than ever and to add a little splash, I've thrown in a lovely silk animal print top.  

This top has great potential, just because of the little details.  I especially like that I can tie the tie high on my neck or let it hang lower depending on the look I'm going for.  I also can see a few more of these in my closet come spring.    There is a little flair with the hi-lo effect and and penguin tale (what I call it).   It was every easy to make and from cut to finish took me about 2 1/2 hours.  

Another crappy mirror picture of me :


Happy Sewing!

Simplicity 1280: Pink Polka Cross Body Top.

As you may be aware I have been sewing tops to rebuild my wardrobe after donating a lot of items this past month, so I decided to make November my month of tops and make both casual and dress tops.  

When I came across this pattern: Simplicity 1280, I knew immediately that I would be making this more than once.  I saw so many different color and fabric options for this top in my head.   

I was gifted this particular fabric from a co-worker who Mother passed and she was seamstress.  She gave me a little over 3 yards so I wasn't sure I wanted to make a whole garment like a dress or pant set in this particular design, I thought it would be way too much.  So when I came across this pattern, this piece of fabric came instantly to mind, plus I am a nut for Polka Dots.  

It was fairly easy to put together, though I made one modification.  I extended the sleeve length, because I didn't care for who short the fell on the model on the pattern front.  It just looked a little out of place for me.   The pictures also look a little red, but the fabric color is actually a really deep pink.

Here is my Polka Dot Cross  Body Top:


Here I am wearing it, and yes the picture quality suck, sorry!:  

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Don't Do Kid Sewing and I Don't Do Costumes: Doc McStuffins.

I don't sew for little ones, I have no desire to sew for little ones.  I just don't even get excited thinking about it.  I also don't do costumes but was asked by a family member if I would make a lab coat for her daughter who is under sized.  She's three years old but still wears a 12 month - 18 month clothing. She was preemie, so its been tough for Mom to find things to fit her.  

I didn't make the complete costume, just the lab coat.  I think her Mom did a Marvelous job piecing together the rest of the costume.

Doc McStuffins

So here's the little Doc McStuffins.  Doesn't she look adorable. 


Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

McCall's 6886: The Most Versatile Pattern Yet!I

I am not much of a dress person, but I have had my eye on a few styles.  I am really into the Sweater Dress and I think it is very versatile.  From a tunic to a long dress, with boots or leggings, a sweater dress can be styled so many different ways. 

Here a are a few styles I found on the Internet that I can see myself rocking:

I have seen this pattern used to make almost everything, from a Jacket to a long sleeve tunic.  I love a pattern where I can get the most use from.  Being from Florida you we never really get a winter until maybe late January early February were we dip down into the 40's and maybe the 30's a few days here and there. I made this very light weight sweater knit dress to wear on those cool nights out with my Mr. on a date.  I can see me pairing this with some cute kitten heeled boots and a suede jacket.  

I added a neckband instead of folding over and finishing edges as the pattern suggested, and sleeve cuff.  I am very please at how it came out, and will share pictures as soon as wear it.   Here it is:


Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top - A - Thon So to Speak!

Last week was a very productive week kind of.  I didn't complete my goal of getting 7 garments sewn in 7 days, but I did get some garments completely done.  I have been in a need of adding some simple tops to my wardrobe.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I do a major closet purge every year this around this time.  So, when I do have many holes to fill and specifically tops.  So I started a 7 day Sew - A - Thon to fill in some gaps in my closet and had some lovely remnants and leftover fabrics that I used to make these two tops:

I used one of my favorite patterns, my TNT, to make this top, New Look 6273:


(Quick Review:  The pattern requires you to cut the back in two pieces and add a button closure.  But Since I used a knit, I just cut on the fold removing 5/8 inch from the fold to get desired look.)

I freehand this top using a T Shirt I already own, and just traced it and gathered the sides to give it a little Shape. 

Happy Sewing!