Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Sister is SOOOOOOOOOOO Loved.

Both my sisters are so spoiled.  Well we each spoil one another.  My older Sister, Misty wanted a beret and ruffle scarf for her Birthday December 1, 2013.   I kept promising her I would get it done for her and finally, an hour before church this past Sunday, I made it for her.  She was so elated  she  hasn't stopped thanking me.  She even cheesed for a picture after church for me to share with you guys.
I posted this picture on my Face Book page, now I have to make a few more.  Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scarves for Christmas!

I've been busy.  I love scarves and especially infinity scarves.  I thought I would make a few for my Christmas Bizarre at church this Saturday.  Our church has an annual Prayer Breakfast and my sister and I set up a table an sell our wares.  The last couple of years I concentrated on wristlets, handbags, and purses.  This year I am focusing on my scarves, wristlets and a few potholders and such.  I think I try to do way too much and of course procrastinate.   I also make the felt flowers and give them as free gifts. 

Happy Sewing!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Project Close to My Heart

I was contracted by a friend to make scarves as Christmas presents for her family and friends out of her deceased father's neckties.  I was thrilled to do this even in the midst of a crazy Christmas season of sewing.  Her father was my former Pastor and he baptized my son when he was 18 months old.  So I felt honored when she asked me to this.   Initially we spoke about me making 20 or more scarves but because she didn't have enough neckties we decided to do only 8.  I made a sample for her to see how it would come out, and here it is:

We decided to make it about 6 inches longer.   The backing is a silky minky knit but not with a lot of stretch at all.
I ran into some challenges as some of the ties are silk and some are polyester, and since they are cut on the bias, there is a lot of stretching.  I was thinking about using a stabilizer before I sew on backing.  What do you guys think?
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wedding Outfit Inspiration: Nia Long’s Wintery White

I am attending a wedding December 21, 2013 and was looking through my pattern stash trying to find a simple but elegant enough outfit to wear.  I wanted something that was simple enough to make that I could probably get a couple of wears out of.  Nothing too dressy, just comfortable, and not dressed down.  The wedding is not an extravagant affair but knowing this person (my Aunt), it will be a very nice affair.  

I was online looking through my emails and this magazine cover literally jumped out and slapped me smack in the head:


Picture courtesy of HeartandSoulMagazine.com
 I love this dress on Nia Long.  It is simple but elegant, and I want to wear that dress to the Wedding.  So I am mapping out my strategy. 


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thank You All! A Happy Jacket - New Look 6231

First I would like to thank all of my Blogging Buddies for the well wishes, prayers and kind thoughts.  I am well past my kidney stone saga.  I hope and pray that experience fade from my memory very, very soon.   It has been sometime since I suffered through a kidney stone incident, so I thought it was well behind me.  My doctors have assured me that if I do the things they have suggested I should be able to live kidney stone free, or for a long while anyway. 

 I needed to brighten up my life, and so I decided I needed a happy jacket, something light and bright to wear with almost anything.  When I came across this pattern, I knew immediately that I wanted to make my happy jacket using this pattern.  I live in Florida so not much need for anything much heavier on most days.  We may dip into the 40’s every now and then, but that is far and few between. 


I really like how it came out.  I love the color, and of course I used my drug of choice, Ponte Roma Knit.  Yummy to my tummy, this fabric is awesome.   I didn’t line it, but chose to just serge and finish of the seams.  I am quite pleased with the finish product.  I hope you like it, and happy sewing.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Saga Continues: My Kidney Stone Incident.

I spent half my weekend in the hospital passing a kidney stone.  Needless to say I did not get much sewing done.  This is not my first dance with a stone, in fact I passed one about 6 years ago.  So immediately when the pain starting hitting me, I tried to convince myself it was just gas, and that a little Gas X would do the trick.  Well not so much.  By Sunday in the middle of church service I was climbing over the pew trying to get some relief.  Finally I couldn’t take it any longer, and with a loud screech that jumped up out of my seat and ran out to my car.  I drove myself to the hospital and the rest is history. 
Even though the idiot emergency room Dr. claimed he couldn’t see a stone after having me go through a CT Scan and x-rays.  He claimed my pains where from a phantom illness or maybe muscle spasms since I’ve been working out.   I knew from experience exactly what I was feeling.  Not my first rodeo Doc.  I have a very high tolerance for pain and been through some pretty painful ordeals, and no medication.
The next day I went to a follow up with my urologist who confirmed that there was evidence of not only did I pass a stone the size of a grain of sand; I also have an umbilical hernia, and cysts on my Liver and Kidney (which are benign).  
Don't I look pitiful.  Poor Poor Me. Hah

So, the Saga continues, what is next?  I can handle anything.   God is my strength and redeemer!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I did a little sewing this past weekend.  Not as much as I would have liked.  But I did get a Poncho finished for a dear friend.  She was the lovely woman who gave me the Steam Press, Babylock serger, and large box of Cone Thread.  She also had some vintage fabric that she had had for many years, and asked would I make her a poncho, after seeing the Poncho that I had worn to a funeral we both attended earlier this year.

I was a little nervous about making the poncho since the fabric was so delicate and beautiful, but I knew she wanted something simple and so I endeavored to make sure she had what she asked for after being so very kind and generous to me.  I am pleased at how it came out, and I hope she loves it as well.  The flower broach is made of felt.   Here she is:


 Now back to my earlier project.  Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snood/Cape/Poncho Love - Help!

I came across this lovely Snood/Cape/Poncho or whatever you want to call it on Pinterest, and immediately I fell in love.  

I decided I needed to try and recreate this for myself.  It looks easy enough right?  I did and I am pleased with my first attempt even though I look like I got on a too tight snuggy.  Hah.  I used a very thin knit, just some extra fabric I had laying around.  It didn't have the same structure, and its a little too tight but I think I have the basic pattern. I need to do some tweaking here and there. Here is my rendition:
If any of my wonderful Blogging Sisters have any suggestions, patterns, tutorials, advise, examples, to help me fine tune, please share, and I would be oh so appreciative.
I will be working on my finished product tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to rock this baby to a party I am attending next weekend.  It is not cold or even cool here in Orlando.  The nights are cooling off though, and we dip into the high sixty's, this should keep me nice and snuggly. 

Happy Sewing.

Its So Easy It's Simplicity 1743

My love hate relationship with Walmart reminds me why there is some LOVE there.   Though Walmart is my least favorite place, every now and then I score some big savings.  I will only get my prescription medications because of the $4.00 price.  So, yes I suffer through whatever my feelings are to get my prescriptions filled.  Actually, I usually have hubby pick them up, since it’s on his way home from work.

On occasion when I have no choice but to slide into my area dreaded Walmart, of course I have to visit our small and limited sewing section.  Just to see if there is fabric worth using as muslin, or the occasional pattern I that I missed.  I do grumble but every time I visit Walmart I do tend to leave with several patterns.   This particular pattern caught my attention immediately.  It’s So Easy It's Simplicity 1743 is a brand I like a lot.  They seem to be “SO EASY”. 

I found these cute shoes while perusing through Marshalls one day.  I am not a fan of Dr. Scholl’s shoes, but for some reason, these particular shoes caught my eyes.    I think it was the Chambray in the rear of the shoe that caught me.  I love anything Chambray.

I knew I would have to make something to wear with them and I wasn’t sure what, but when I came across this pattern, I thought hmmmmmmmmmm and Chambray skirt to go with my Chambray shows. Tada, here we are.

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

McCalls 6497 - Hi-Low Empire Waist Top!

 This top originally started out as a muslin.  I love the top at first glance but was not sure how it would look on me.  So, I decided to use some cotton (very thin) fabric that I got from Walmart for $1.50 per yard.  I like the fabric when I saw it but I knew it would not be used for anything significant, and I couldn't snub my nose at $1.50 per yard of anything that was half way cute. 
Immediately upon completion I love it (still not hemmed), but again, me being overly happy to share.  I pulled out some pretty bright yellow Ponte Roma Knit, and I can't wait to make it in the knit. 
Of course my picture sucks.  Still working on that.  I bought a Canon Rebel yadda yadda yadda and a tripod, that I have no idea how to use. But that is another post all together. 
My version of M6497
Their version
Quick Pattern Review:
Pattern Sizing: xs-s-med-Lrg
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.
Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes, very easy.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I dislike nothing; I love the high-low back, and the Empire waist.  It is really slimming on me.

Fabric Used: Cotton (bought to use as muslin from Walmart at $1.50 per yard. 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I didn’t slipstitch the inside lining of midsection.  I used stitchery witchery to hold it in place.

Would you sew it again? Yes, I have another already cut and ready to go. 

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

No Pattern Batwing Top!

I needed a quickie project to get my mojo back.  I wanted something simple but rewarding.  Since I love tops and can't seem to get enough of them I thought a simple top would do the trick, and it did.  I had a yard and a half of Red Ponte Roma Knit (my drug of choice), and so I decided to make a quick top with it.  I used a Tshirt that fits me well and just traced it extending the arms to a length right above my elbow.
For some odd reason I have sewn a lot of red, so I need to get away from it a bit, but it is a great fall color that can go good with both light and dark colors well.

I love the fit.
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Printed Pants

I'm seeing printed pants everywhere.  Just recently I took a mini vacation to Amelia Island.  Amelia Island is located North of Jacksonville, Florida.  Its beautiful and I stayed at the Omni Resort at Amelia Island.  There was a cute little clothing shop on the island (can't remember the name), but they had the cutest printed pants, similar to these: 

I also like these wide leg version as well.

Here is my version of Simplicity 1699, printed pants.  The picture isn't the best but I will post a picture when I wear them out.   I tapered the legs a little to give me the look I wanted, but these were fairly simple to make.  I also used bias facing as suppose to the twill tape that the pattern called for  the waist.  I like how they came out.

Style Watching and Inspiration

I am not big on following the latest trends.  I have my own little quirky style. Its really not defined, I just like what I like.  If I see something someone is wearing that I like, celebrity or whomever, I go hey I like that.  I get my style inspiration from all sources.  I consider myself a classic chic. 
Recently, while pursing one of my many blogs I like to follow, I came across this picture of Kelly Rowland, and it caught my eye.  I just really love the stylish but casual fun look with just a pop of color (those darn pink shoes). 
 For those of you are not familiar with how she is, she's one of the RB Group Destiny's Child member, or better known as Beyoncés former group.  I have always loved Kelly's look.  She doesn't really conform to a particular style.  She has a really fun casual look that I really like. 

Just simple and cute when she about town.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Florida - Not a Sewing Friendly State Among its other Problems

I  was born and raised in Florida, Orlando to be exact.  At 17 I left Orlando to join the U.S. Army and to serve my country and after 8 years of service I decided to get out of the military and move back home.  I was recently divorced and a single parent so I wanted to be close to my Mom and sisters. 

I often see my sewing sisters and friends with such beautiful fabric, from New York and California and even across the water.  Florida doesn't have these options, that I know of anyway.  We have Joanns, Hobby Lobby and a couple of Hancocks, and there is one specialty shop that I often visit and they do have a nice selection, but that is about it.  I just wish Florida had more places to purchase fabric, especially in Central Florida where I live. 
I do order fabric from:
  • Fabricmartfabrics.com
  • Fabric.com
  • Lowpricefabric.com (Michael Levine's Fabric)
  • Moodfabric.com
  • Denverfabrics.com
  • Fashionfabricsclub.com
I know there are many more places to buy fabric, so what online stores do you buy your fabric from? 
Happy sewing!

McCall's 6744 Done but not for the Wedding.

I was so excited about my cousins wedding this past weekend.  I picked a pattern Simplicity 2281
and fabric a few weeks ago and was ready to sew it up last week, but assisting my very ill sister kept me from getting it started.   So I chose another pattern that I thought would be quicker  M6744, but needless to say I did not get that finished either before I had to leave for South Carolina.  So I ended wearing a dress I made a few months ago, M6700
I got a lot of  compliments on my M6700 dress so I was pleased, though the shoes I initially chose to wear with the dress fell apart.  They were my favorite dressy dress shoes and they died on me after 10 long years.  Thank God I had a decent backup.  A little too casual but I had no choice, so they worked.
After returning from the wedding, I finished M6744 and I can't wait for an opportunity to wear it.  Here goes:
Side View
I am so very pleased at how it turned out.  I love this pattern. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tops, Tops, Tops, and more Tops!

When I find a pattern I love, boy do I make use of it.  I absolutely love McCall's 6752.  Every variation, this would be my third and I have another cut out and ready to be sewn up.   Not sure where I got the fabric, its a couple of years old. It is a very soft Jersey knit with a little shine to it. 

This top actually took me a little longer than it should have.  I have such a time hemming knits and I took out the hem about 3 times.  I even nicked it a couple of times and had to use some stitchery witchery to fix it.  But all in all I am pleased, and I got several compliments when I wore it to the office.  

With each garment I complete, my confidence level grows.  I am so excited about moving on to the next.
Happy Creating!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Sewing Silks and Slinky Fabrics.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.  And again, I say "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Remember that episode of the Cosby Show when Denise made Theo a designer shirt.  The infamous Gordon Cottrell (may not be spelled correctly), yep that is what envision every time I attempt to sew something silky.  

I am not happy right now, it’s the end of my month of sewing Tops/Blouses, and I have only completed (hemmed and wearable), three tops. Actually that is good for me considering the month that I have had and the little sewing time that I was able to take advantage of this month.   My goal was 5, so of course I want to rush and try to finish these two I have on my table.  I am OCD, so I must get them done by tomorrow or I will turn into a pumpkin.

This post is about my inability to sew a straight line and or have a decent hem on anything silky and or slinky.  I have watched the videos, read the books and practiced (boy I need more practice).  I have not yet mastered this concept.  I have a closet full of knit tops, nothing silky or slinky because I am deathly afraid of what the outcome will be once I get on the hemming end. 

I have a Janome 6600 Professional that came with a walking foot.  I use it every time I sew something silky and it still comes out wonky.    I am determined to get this even if I have to glue my butt to my chair and sew silk remnants until my freaking fingers bleed (no not really), but I let nothing conquer me. 

Help please!, LOL, “NO I MEAN IT”. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vogue 8907 - For the Love Ponte Roma

I'll make everything in Ponte Roma Knit if I could.  As I have mentioned before, I am a Ponte Roma addict.  So when I saw the top made by Erica Bunker, I new I had to make it in the Red and my beloved Ponte Roma.
I rarely take pictures in the clothing I make.  First because I don't ever have anyone too take pictures of me, and secondly I just don't like take pictures.  But I felt like my dress form did this top no justice, and I had to wear it so you could get an example of how it fell on the body.  I really am pleased with how it come out.  I do plan to make another.


Quickie Pattern Review:

Pattern:   Vogue 8907 (View A)

Sizes:     14-20 -  I cut the 14 my RTW is a 10.

Directions:   Scale of 1-10 on difficulty, I would give it a 7. 

Fabric:   Red Ponte Roma Knit.

Changes:   I didn't make any changes, but I did have to adjust a little/  For some odd reason, once my top was together, the front and back was not even.  I think my drape overlapped on my shoulders a little too much.  I didn't interface the neck and arm facings.  The fabric has enough stability I thought, and it worked out well. 

Would I make it again:  Yes, I plan too, its already cut.

Happy creating.

July - Top/Blouse Emphasis Month: Butterick 5497

I am really pleased at how this top turned out.  Its a little snug in the waist, but I plan to take it out and readjust the seams a little to make it work.  I was a little concerned with the top portion because while cutting it out it didn't seam it would fit over my "D's", but it fit just right.   The color is amazing and even prettier than I thought when I first picked it up.  I bought the fabric from a thrift store, and it was tubed, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it when I purchased it.  A few yards for a $1.00 I couldn't turn it down. 

Quickie Pattern Review:

Pattern:   Butterick 5497 (View B)

Sizes:     14-20 -  I cut the 14 my RTW is a 10.

Directions:   Super easy and straight forward, scale of 1-10 on difficulty, I would give it a 2.

Changes:   I omitted the elastic in the waist or empire seam.  After I put it on it really wasn’t needed and I think it would have just given me extra bulk in that ear. I read over the pattern before starting and I had to refer back to it a couple of times due when I got to putting in the back neck binding.  Other than that, it was pretty easy to do and straight forward.

Would I make it again:  Yes, in a couple of colors or prints, I like it enough.

Happy creating.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Vogue 8870 High Low Dress!!!

I finally made a high low skirt/dress.  I have always wanted to make one, but was not sure how it would look on me.  I wanted it to be long enough to be a Maxi, but not dragging the floor as I am short.  It really came together easy, and I love it. 

Vogue 8870

Quickie Pattern Review:

Pattern:   Vogue 8870

Sizes:     14-20 -  I cut the 14 my RTW is a 10.

Directions:   Super easy and straight forward, scale of 1-10 on difficulty, I would give it a 2.

Changes:   I made no changes.  I read over the pattern before I began sewing, and  I followed the pattern to the letter.  Didn't really have to go back to the pattern after the bodice was complete.

Would I make it again:  Yes, I can see the possibilities of this pattern and would make it in the tank top version and short skirt version as well.

Happy creating.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Maxi it is! McCalls 6700

I'm on the Maxi dress bandwagon.  I have always loved them, but I had convinced myself that my 5'1" frame was a little short and I looked dumpy in a Maxi.  I actually love the way this one fits and even more than that I love the color and how easy it was to construct.  I will be making this again, or another Maxi, as I am now officially a Maxinista!

McCalls 6700
Happy Sewing!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Custom Ordered Bag: Houndstooth Purse.

My client loves it . I like it, but no, I don't love it all.  I feel I rushed it, but if she likes it that's fine with me.  My felt flowers are always a big hit, because the colors are so vibrant and can be used with almost anything.  A Jacket, Purse, even on Shoes.

The Flowers are actually pins.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Not Much Blogging, but Sewing Some on this Highway I call Life!

My life was traveling down Easy Lane until all of a sudden, I got drawn down Busy Street, onto Hectic Highway.  I've been traveling down the hectic highway for a few weeks now, but I have found some sewing rest areas along the way.  Here are a few of the items I've sewn over the last few weeks:

Vogue 1250                           Sew Simple A1638


I am not able to add my pictures to the Sew your Own Wardrobe Challenge, so if anyone can post my pictures, I do appreciate it.  Happy Sewing as we travel down life's highway!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sew Simple 1738 - Jacket.

I work in an office building that feels like its 20 below everyday, year round.  I wanted to find a pattern for a simple jacket and while at Walmart I came across this pattern while strolling through the Walmart Fabric department.  SewSimple which is a Simplicity brand is only .97 cents at my Walmart.  I have a few but this is the first that I have actually made.  At first glance I passed it up, but went back to get it because I thought it was kinda cute.  Then, while surfing one day, I came across The Fearless Seamstress's version, and I absolutely love it. 

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

She's getting her Dougie on and so I am.

Oh my did this image give me a pick me up.  I have been so busy with helping my Mom who recently got hard wood floors installed throughout her home and she needed help putting her house back together and helping my sister, I have had no time to sew much.   

I have been too tired to even start a project, but I was doing some blog surfing and came across this animation/gif.  I started hollering it was so darn funny.  And check out her buddy in the background shaking her head.  

She is giving me sewing life, off the sewing machine I go. Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simplicity 1920 - Thanks Blogger Sisters

Today I wore my Simplicity 1920 top.  I took the suggestions of my lovely blogging sisters and wore white pants with it.   You don't see my sandals but they are gold wedges, which were a nice compliment.  I hate taking bathroom pictures, but I didn't have anyone to take a picture for me.   I liked my outfit so much today, I did the dreaded bathroom shot. 

Happy creating!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preparing for This Weeks Sewing!

This weeks sewing projects:

a)  M6700 - maxi
b) S1638 - dorman sleeve top
c)  S1738 - knit jacket

Planning out my soon to be awesome wardrobe!  Happy creating!

Another Top, Simplicity 1920 View "A".

This top was not on my list, but I needed a quickie project for this evening. This quickie top gave me the little fix I needed to accomplish something, anything.  It actually came out lovely for something i really didn't plan or had no intentions on making today!

I'm trying to think about what I want and need before just making items I end up shoving in the back of my closet.  My plan is to have a functional wardrobe. 

Happy creating!