Monday, August 3, 2015

More for Me: Self Drafted Gathered/Pleated Midi Skirt with Pockets.

This skirt is by far one of my favorite creations.  It's rather simple and took me all of about 1 hour to make from cut to sew (haven't hemmed yet).  I have had this fabric in my stash for about 3 years or more.  Never knowing exactly what I was going to make with it.  I actually initially thought about making some kind of  handbag, but I thought it was just too pretty and deserved to be something more than a bag.  But I didn't think I had a enough fabric to be much else. I think I may have right at a yard.  My buddy Kay actually cut the skirt and showed me that it could be a pleated skirt.  I was like wow, I didn't see that.  I needed to use a contrasting waistband, which I used a stretch cotton and contrasting pocket. 

The fabric is by Alexander Henry and its called "La Dolce Vita", from 2008.  The print and details in the fabric are amazing.  Its a retro print which makes it even more funky. 

I really love how it turned out. 

Pretty Girl Gathered Midi Skirt! Details on the blog soon, blog address in profile  #Itsmelaniedarling #clothier #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashio

Pretty Girl Full Gathered Midi Skirt!  Details on the blog soon, blog address in profile  #Itsmelaniedarling #clothier #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diy

Happy Sewing!

More Me Time: McCalls 7162 with Modifications - Denim Hi-Lo Shoulder Strap Top.

This was a UFO for a about a month.  When I started it I was excited.  In my mind I knew I wanted to make a few changes, and I was excited that the pattern had a built in bust adjustment.  My girls are on the large size so getting dart placement sometime can be challenging.  But after cutting it out and fussing with the darts I gave up and through the project in the UFO pile.  Yes I have a UFO pile.  LOL

This past weekend, I was determined to clear out some clutter in my sewing room and the first thing I picked up was this top.  When I looked at it I just shook my head.  "I will not let this stump me", is what I thought, and got to work.  After many adjustments, this is the final outcome.  and I love it. It still has some minor flaws, but I'm fine with them. 

Modifications:  Extended the back, shorten the torso and removed an 1/2 inch from upper bodice back.

Denim Hi-Lo Peplum Strap atop!  #Itsmelaniedarling #clothier #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashion #dressmaker #isew #sew #fashion #customsewing #fas

Denim Hi-Lo Peplum Strap atop!  #Itsmelaniedarling #clothier #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashion #dressmaker #isew #sew #fashion #customsewing #fas

Denim Hi-Lo Peplum Strap atop!  #Itsmelaniedarling #clothier #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashion #dressmaker #isew #sew #fashion #customsewing #fas

Happy Sewing!

Some Me Time: Simplicity 1616 View "A"

I haven't had much time to sew for myself.  The beginning of the Spring brought on Prom Season, then from there the summer sewing season geared up and  finally now, all of my client sewing is caught up.  Though I have a few orders to fulfill it feels great to have a break.  

Sewing is my passion, but it is really difficult juggling sewing, a family and working a full time job. Hopefully my dream of owning my own tailoring studio will be realized one day soon, but until then I will continue on my journey. 

Here is the skirt I made from a remnant I found at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta (Snellville), G.A. while there last February.  Every year my Hubby and I go on a couples ski retreat to Gatlinburg, TN and we always stop in GA to stay over night with family.  I am able to take advantage and grab up some really nice fabrics from Fine Fabrics while I'm in ATL. 

I love this print on the fabric, it really flows nice.  The Pattern was so easy, I really didn't need it and never looked at the instructions, this could literally be cut freehand.  But since I had the pattern, I just used it so I would have to calculate anything, just cut, sew (serge) and go!  The complete skirt was serged, and not hemmed. 

The Gio Maxi!  #Itsmelaniedarling #clothier #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashion #dressmaker #isew #sew #fashion #customsewing #S1616

Happy Sewing!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fit, Flare, and Flounce

Pastor Gigi is one of my most favorite clients.  She likes everything big and with Flounce and Flare.   She makes me smile, her faith and spirit is huge just like her style.

I used a iridescent silk for the skirt, and of course it had to have ruffles and a train, nothing less for her.  The top was made from a wrap dress pattern.  I just cut it off at the hips and added the ruffles, made the ties bigger and longer.  She was very pleased.

Here is Pastor Gigi wearing her Fit, Flare, and Flounce Blouse and Skirt.

Another Satisfied Customer, Pastor Gigi wearing  #Customhousedesigns original "First Lady Collection".  Flare and Flounce Blouse and Fitted Hi-lo Ruffled Train Skirt. #Customhousedesigns  #Itsmelaniedarling #polishedbou  #customsewing #fashion #firstladyc

Happy Sewing!

Off the Shoulder Side Split Maxi

My client had a Gala to attend and brought me a dress she had ordered that was too short and wouldn’t allow for her to wear heels.  There was not enough hem for me to let out and I couldn’t find a corresponding fabric to add to it to give it some length.  She asked if I could make the same dress for her in another fabric.  

I found this beautiful fabric from a local fabric store here in Central Florida called the Sewing Studio.  The picture does not do it justice as it is covered in very colorful sequin. 

I made this dress by copying the dress she ordered.  I literally just turned it inside out and laid it on top of fabric and traced it, not adding any seam allowance since this fabric has a lot of stretch.  

Off the Shoulder Side Slit Sequined Gown!   #Itsmelaniedarling

Happy Sewing!!!

The Rolled Hem Foot! Genius.

I am so very ashamed to admit that I have tried to use my Rolled Hem Foot that came with my Janome 6600p at least a dozen times and gave up.  I actually sat at my machine and cried on several occasions.  I remember once, thinking that this foot was a joke and just added to my machine accessories to make it look like I got a lot of stuff.  No one can actually use this thing.  I even watched several Youtube videos which of course made it look easy as pie.

I am so embarrassed to share how I use to hem fine fabrics like organza.  It was a dueling task and caused me all kinds of angst.  I would have to start over several times. 

But I am no quitter, and my determination to make Prom Season sewing easier.  I grabbed me a cup of iced tea and I sat in front of my machine, grabbed the Rolled Hem Foot and said I will get this today!  Walla, after about 15 tries on my scrap organza I got.  I am now a self proclaimed professional Rolled Hem Foot Aficionado.  

Here is a picture of a Prom Dress I was tasked to hem.  What would normally take me a couple of hours, only took me fifteen minutes tops.   


Here is rolled hem foot that I have been so scared of:

My new best bud. Happy Sewing!

Friday, May 29, 2015

McCalls 6957: White Linen with Modifications

Very Simple but elegant Linen Dress.  This dress is a custom order from a client  that I modified per her specifications.  I will provide pictures when she wears it and send them to me.  I have made another version of  this pattern a several times, the swing dress in royal blue.  So the pattern was familiar and easy to modify.  I actually would like to make this dress for myself using the specifications I made for her.

a.  Raised Neckline 3 inches
b.  Squared body from underbreast
c.  Widened back bottom and "v"'ed (instead of rounded bottom) to increase flare.  

That is it in a nut shell. 

Let it all flow!  Crisp White Linen.  Details on the blog, blog address in profile  #Itsmelaniedarling #CustomHousedesigns #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashion

Happy Sewing!