Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wardrobe Building Series Tops: MYSTYLE: McCalls 9147

One of the first things I noticed after ridding myself of all the clothes in my closet, I hadn't worn in years, was that I didn't have many tops, blouses, and shirts. I figured I better start there.  I spend a lot of my non working time in tank tops so I literally have drawers of them.  I think these darn hot flashes are the culprit.  As soon as I get home from work/workout, I immediately shed my bra and put on a tank. 

While perusing the pattern section at Walmart a few weeks ago (I hate WALMART btw), but I had to pick up a prescription, and needed to kill sometime, so off to the pattern section I went.  I came across this lovely pattern.  I loved all the variations it provided.  I can see me using this pattern as a TNT, as it has tucks to define the waist and a button placket, all things I love in a blouse.  I always look at patterns that I can make fit adjustments rather easy without altering the pattern a lot.  And the fact that it has a tie neck version, made this pattern all the more attractive to me. 

I purchased this black and white checkered fabric or Gingham as it is commonly called, to use as a lining for a blazer, but that project went left quick.  Its been sitting in my stash for a little while.  It will be perfect for my first version of this pattern, "View B".  

I plan to pair with a pair of jeans for Casual Friday or maybe even a pair of wide leg slacks and some sandals with a pop of color.  I have so many styling options in my head.  I can't wait to also make all the other variations so stay tuned.  

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wardrobe Building: "MYSTYLE"

It is that time again, I'm working on building my wardrobe from top to bottom.  

I have recently cleaned out my closet and rid myself of every item that I have not touched for at least a year.  I had so many pants I couldn't believe it. Pants I hadn't worn in several years, and couldn't get into if I tried.  I literally had size 6 to 12 in my closet.   After gaining weight a couple of years ago, I totally gave up on dresses and skirts. Not sure why because I have always loved them.  I guess I felt frumpy and decided to buy or make them,  just wear pants, to me it was easier.  I work in corporate America and lost the zeal to dress up and look pretty anymore, and my co'workers started to notice and question me about it .
Then it happened, I started taking my workouts serious, and though I haven't lost much weight, because I exercise to eat, my body started to change.  After a few months, I noticed my clothes started to fit a little different, and my pants no longer bulged at the waistline. I was like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe this workout stuff is working after all.  Long story short, I am feeling like the old me again.  I started paying more attention to what I wear and taking the time to put my outfits together more cohesively.   I even had a co-worker tell me that I was "BACK".  LOL.  

So I am stuffing my closet full of beautiful garments that fit me and my style again.  I making things I love to wear and will be showcasing them here an on my other online sites.  My wardrobe building series is called"  "MYSTYLE".  Here a a few garments that I have made in the past and shared on on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites  Each piece except for the pink sweater was made by me:

As I build and post, I will share with you guys my patterns, modifications and styling preferences.  Have an awesome day and Happy Sewing!