Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mel Got her Groove Back! Easter Basket Sewing.

As usual this time of year, I take on way more than I plan too. I over extend myself and get all caught up in making sure everyone gets what they are asking for.  Every year I say I am not making these darn Easter Baskets, because they take up way too much of my time and energy.  I am participating in a few sew-a-longs and I would much rather be doing that than Easter Basket making.  Though I do enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of those I make the baskets for, at the end of it all. 

 I am worn out.  Not to mention I have not even started on my own Easter outfit.  I always have a backup in the closet just in case.   I have a yellow suit that is my go too.  This suit is about 10 years old, but it’s a classic.   I can always pull it out and add a cute colorful cowl neck top and some cute pumps and it’s a hit.  But I would much rather wear something I have made. 

Here are a couple of baskets I finished up on the last couple of days.

Happy creating!

Muslins - Oh How I Love Thee!

I'm sewing and loving it. I got a couple muslin's going. This muslin is for a very simple sheath dress. I used a pair of old sheets as a muslin. I need to let it out a little for my hips, but all in all I am pleased. It will be made out of Ponte Knit, in a dark chocolate.    I also plan on making the short jacket.  My wardrobe will be HAUTE! this year. 



Happy Creating!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sewing Again, and it Feels Natural

Yes, I am sewing again and it feels natural.  I haven't sat behind my sewing machine in quite sometime, so when I began sewing up my pretty light brown polka dot dress, it just felt natural.   I didn't realize how much time had passed since the last time I had sewn anything.  I even finished a top for Top Sew-A-Long.  Not impressed with it at all, but I did learn a few things that I will share later. 

I'll share some pics soon, so stay tuned.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Scandal + Sewing = NOT GOOD!

Yes, I am on the Scandal bandwagon.  I tried so hard to not be tempted and fall into yet another TV series.  I am a Law & Order junkie and a Game of Thrones (HBO) nut, so I figured that was enough to keep me occupied.  Plenty enough of TV time.  I need to use my time wisely as it is precious and I can't waste it on TV.  I have to use it in my pursuit of sewing excellence, is what I have told myself time and time again.  Now, here I am fiending for another episode of Scandal. 
So last night while watching Scandal, I had a oops of sorts while working on my tunic for my top sew-a-long.  I sewed the darn sleeve inside out.  Darn it, out comes the seam ripper.
Not only do I love the suspense of the show itself and the characters, especially Ovilia Pope herself,  I am a huge fan of her fashion/outfits.  I can't wait to see what she's wearing, and I make a mental note of her outfits and run to see what I have in my pattern stash to match it or that will come close.

I plan to have a wardrobe full of Olivia Pope inspired ensembles.  Happy creating!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Dream Dress for Me.

Drooling and licking my lips:  If I had a pattern for this dress:

picture courtesy of

Game over.  I would be so happy to have this dress in a money green, with a pair of pretty pink pumps.    My Easter Dream Dress.  I have a pattern close to this but no sleeves.  The price tag for this dress on the website is $600.00.  For that amount of money, I could pay my car note and still make this dress and get me a hot dog and coke from Costco with change. IJS

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Outfit Planning, Fabric Decision.

So, I have narrowed down my fabric.  My goal this year is to be fierce, and to add color and pop into my new wardrobe for 2013.  As I sit here and look at myself, I have on a black and white knit top, black pants and black snake skinned pumps.  So, really I need so me color pop.  Color is all the rave this year, and last year too, so I am behind the curve ball.  

I have decided on two beautiful prints that I have in my fabric stash.  I haven't chosen a pattern yet, I am still debating and waiting to see what the weather will be like on that day here in sunny Orlando.  My choices are:


I am more partial to the red white and grey lightweight linen cotton blend  it also has a little pink and orange in as well.  It's soft and flows so I think a sundress would be cute.  I love the daring bright colored chemise, but it does have a hint of black and I am really trying to move away from black for awhile.  Though the bright colored fabric, fit all my wants right now. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

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A Sew-A-Long! I'm Going All In. OCD Therapy!

I have a couple of sewing a longs I am participating in.  Sew-A-Longs are great for me, because they get me motivated and keep me on track.  I am OCD, so I need structure and that is exactly what I get with Sew-A-Longs.  I am particularly excited about this Sew-A-Long, because I will be making tops.  I need tops, lots of them, because I don't go outside my comfort zone often, this sew a long will force me to do just that.  I want some pop, come color, and some jazzy styles.  So I am putting on my creativity hat and getting busy.

Yeah, I can't wait to get started.  Happy Creating.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Blessings Overfloweth! I Am So Grateful!

I have again been blessed with a gift of sewing yumminess.  A really good friend of mine Mother in Law gifted me with a BabyLock serger, a large box of thread and some beautiful wool and silk fabric.   


 She has retired and her and her husband decided to sale their home and move into their RV and travel the world. What a wonderful adventure they will have. I would love to be in a position to to that, but I would have to take my sewing machine and sewing stuff with me though. I don't think at this point I could live without them. 

Happy Creating!

Pondering, My Easter Outfit! Mmmmmmmh.

I have never really been a fan of dresses, but lately I find that I am liking them more and more.  Todays dresses have a vintage feel to them, and I can dig that.  I am old school and I love that really classic, crisp, vintage look, more and more.  I am really feeling the shirt dress in fuscia and the yellow flowery print, flared bottom dress.


Its been really crazy here in Melanie's world.  Starting with the holidays my life has been a whirlwind.  Not much sewing got done during this time, so I have decided to rev up the old engine and get busy, starting today.   I had to get a little organized, because whenever I am not sewing I am making a mess of my sewing area.  Just throwing things around, laying them down in no particular order.  So, its off to get organized. 
For the last couple of years I have made Easter Baskets for friends, and family little ones.  It is a lot of work, but I do enjoy making them.  I actually made them for profit at one time, but took on way too many orders, in way too short of a time frame and found myself, buried under the Easter Basket avalanche.  I vowed to never do that again, so now I only sew a handful for a few folks.  These are a couple I've made before:

I have so many cute ideas and ready to get started.  Have a great day, and happy creating.