Friday, May 29, 2015

McCalls 6957: White Linen with Modifications

Very Simple but elegant Linen Dress.  This dress is a custom order from a client  that I modified per her specifications.  I will provide pictures when she wears it and send them to me.  I have made another version of  this pattern a several times, the swing dress in royal blue.  So the pattern was familiar and easy to modify.  I actually would like to make this dress for myself using the specifications I made for her.

a.  Raised Neckline 3 inches
b.  Squared body from underbreast
c.  Widened back bottom and "v"'ed (instead of rounded bottom) to increase flare.  

That is it in a nut shell. 

Let it all flow!  Crisp White Linen.  Details on the blog, blog address in profile  #Itsmelaniedarling #CustomHousedesigns #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashion

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

McCalls 7155: Charmeuse and Chains Layered Tank!

At first glance of this pattern, I saw not a one possibility.  Having a large bust steers me away from tank tops.  Its really hard to find one that fit me well and gives me the coverage that I need.  McCalls patterns were on sale at Joanns and I needed one more to complete my sale number, and just grabbed McCalls 7155 and ran to the register.  I didn't feel much like sewing this weekend, and I had client orders to fill, so I decided to make me something quick to get my mojo back.  The first pattern I saw staring up at me on my sewing table was this one.  So I looked at the line drawings and walla, View "F", just spoke to me. 

The fabric I used is a stretch Charmeuse from Fabricmart.  It has chains covering the entire fabric.  I only had 2 1/2 yards, and when I purchased it, I intended to use it to make a cowl neck shell to go under a blazer, but I never got around to making the blazer.  I was very please at the tank came out and even more pleased that it gave me the coverage I was looking for.  I can see a couple more in my future as well.  I have a very lover silky yellow fabric that I think would be gorgeous. 

Summer Time Fun!  Chain link layered tank top!  Details on the blog, blog address in profile  #Itsmelaniedarling #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashio

The picture on front of the pattern, left nothing for the imagination, but the line art in my opinion is what will sell you on the pattern itself.  There are so many possibilities for this particular pattern. 

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vintage Vogue 1663 - DVF: My Purple Passion, Beaufitully Flawed!

As beautiful as this dress may look here in this picture, it is flawed.  The collar will not lay flat.  I removed and tried three times to get a better outcome, with no avail.  The dress itself is marvelous, and was actually made for a client who I allowed to purchase fabric.   It ultimately my fault that I allowed her to purchase fabric that was not fit for this type of garment.  At least in my opinion for a structured collar.  The fabric is a swimsuit knit, very spongy and tight. She said she loved it and planned on wearing anyway.  Yikes.

Oh the Color Though!

Pretty Purple a Passion!  #CustomHousedesigns @itsmelaniedarling and @polishedbou!  Distinct and original items for purchase that will set you apart from the everyday and ordinary! #Itsmelaniedarling #polishedbou #sewologists #seamstresses #sewing #sewist

Vogue 1663 DVF!  Yes! #Itsmelaniedarling #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #imakemyownclothes #imadethis #diy #diyer #diystyle #diyfashion #dressmaker #isew #sew #fashion #customsewing #fashion #DVF #Vogue #Vi

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

McCalls 6957: Royal Blue Swing Dress!

As I stated numerous times before.  I am not a dress wearer, until NOW.  I am loving dresses and seeking them out more.  I find they hide a multitude of body issues (mine I mean).  

I originally bought this Royal Blue Ponte to make a jumpsuit.  I never got around to it so its been sitting in my stash for at least a year. I wanted something summery enough that I could also transition into fall and wear.  

I've been eyeballing this pattern for months, but I have been so busy with client sewing for prom season I totally forget about it.  I pulled it out and cut out my size and just laid it off to the side.  

So I had a brief moment in between projects and decided to go ahead and make my dress, and I love it.  Its simple yet chic and I can't wait to pair it with tights, boots and a sweater or leather jacket this fall.  

And she's done!  Royal Blue Swing Dress!  Simple and chic!  Will share styling shortly so stay tuned!  Details on the blog soon, blog address in profile  #Itsmelaniedarling #sewologist #seamstress #sewing #sewist #sewcialist #sewingblogger #asewinglife #i

Royal Blue Swing Dress in its simplicity.  Love how simple yet cute it is!  Great for summer office days, and I can't wait to put on some boots, leather jacket and scarf with it!  #m6957 #mccallpatterncompany #Itsmelaniedarling #isew #imadethis #imakemyow

Happy Sewing!