Thursday, February 9, 2017

This was on my vision board to do early in January, but with obligations and life situations I never got to it.  I was deteremined to atleast get it cut out and started.  Who knows when it will be done, but I am hoping within the next week or so.  

I always try to get a pattern cut and started, that way I am forced to look at it constantly and reminded that I have posted about it, so I need to get it complete.  

I really like the lines and style of this pattern.  The fabric I chose is floral  lawn form I have actually had it my stash for over a year.  This fabric was originally going to be used to make a spring clutch purse, and that this why I only purhased 2 yards.  This pattern requried a little over 2 yardsfor the size I cut, but as always manage to make it fit.  Wooo and I mean I had no room for error. 

Progress Pictures: 

It is coming together nicely so far, even though the insruction and pattern pieces seem to be a little more than required for the button plackard, Once it is complete I will do a quick review.  I am really liking how it is coming out and excited about finishing it up and styling, so stay tuned. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. You take a bold approach. I change my mind on patterns and fabrics often enough that if I precut my patterns there would be a lot of UFOs and waisted fabrics.

    1. LOL, I try to make sure what I am cutting out is what I truly want to sew. It makes me push through and get stuff done. In my mind anwyay.

  2. I also do the same. Once I've cut the fabric I have no choice but to go ahead and make it. I love your floral fabric. The top is coming along very nicely.


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