Friday, December 9, 2016

Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Apple Green Suit, New Look 6481 and 6080

I only own one suit.  I have had it for a very long time.  It is black of course and I haven't worn it in about 10 years. It was basically my funeral suit sad to say.  I have retired it to the back of the closet but not ready to be rid of it as of yet.  

So I need to add some color to my life.  What fall wardrobe doesn't have a cute suit?  Yes, mine and I wanted to rectify that and bring some more color to my life.  I am a Ponte Roma crack addict and I bought 5 yards of this luscious Ponte Roma Knit from  Fine Fabrics in Atlanta last February.  I loved how smooth it was, my crappy camera does not do the color justice.  It is actually a really off apple green color, but again, me and my crappy Iphone camera.

I used New Look 6481 for the Jacket.  After seeing Sew Craft Chemists version of the Jacket and how cute it looked on her, I decided to use this pattern for the jacket.  I liked that it was no fuss and I didn't have to button.  The design aesthetic was perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  For the pants I used New Look 6080 which is a TNT for me.  If I need a quick pair of zip side pants I opt for this pattern as I know exactly how it is going to fit.  It sits on my hips exactly where I need it too and the crotch is perfect.  I also love how the pant leg just falls.  


Happy Sewing!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fall Wardrobe Essential: Neckline Love - McCalls 7126

A sassy neckline and peplum, I was smitten the minute I saw this pattern and knew I had to make it. I had visions of every color in the rainbow in my closet . I just love everything about it, the Princess Seams and the weight of the fabric I chose was just awesome. The fabric is a medium weight textured knit, but oh my goodness its one of the softest knits I have every felt.  It has almost a sponge like texture, like a Techno Knit, but not as spongy.  It is a 4 way knit too.  

In this picture you can see the texture and how buttery it is:

The true color is in the picture above.  But below you can see how I paired it with a pair of black pebble crepe wide leg pants and pumps.  The fit was right on.  I love the neckline and the squared peplum.  

Quick Review:  McCalls 7126:

Was it Easy:  Very
Modifications:   None
Sizing:   True to size (I went down a size because of the stretchy of the fabric).
Would I Make Again:  Definitely
Do I recommend:  Highly
Notes:  I lined mine with a coordinating tissue knit, it worked well. 

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fall Wardrobe Essential - McCalls 6886

I had this fabric in my stash for over a year.  I found it on sale at, and I initially purchased it to make a blazer.  Of course as usual I never got around to it, and so I packed it away with my winter fabrics.  Its a double knit, so I could have used it for something like a pencil skirt  but since it was spring/summer sewing it got packed away.  

Working on my fall wardrobe and making sure it is filled with easy transitional essentials I pulled the fabric out and immediately ran to my quickie go too McCalls 6886.  I needed a dress to wear to church.   I woke up a few hours early and quickly put it together, and was out the door and on time for church.  Yay me.  Because it was already cut out, and used so many times, it was put together in about an hour, hemmed, serged and all.


As you can see I paired it with a cute little sleeveless knit vest and belt.  I also can wear it without a belt and love that look as well.  I think McCalls M6886 is used a lot in sewing blogging land, so not much to say about it other than its a quick and easily modified pattern that is supper versatile. 

Happy sewing.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fall/Winter Wardrobe Essentials - Burda 6838 and MccCalls 6514

Living in Florida definitely has its Plus' and minuses.  The biggest plus for me is the year round sunny weather.  Though I love the fall and the changing of the season, I really don't care for the mess of snow.  

For the most part, my wardrobe sucks for the cooler months.  Though we only get a day here or there of cool weather, maybe the lowest being in the 30's.  I am really not equipped for it.  I have a few sweaters, sweats, and a Denim jacket, but I don't really have a fall wardrobe.  So I decided to focus on a few items to beef my fall closet. Not many as I really won't get an opportunity to use them. 

This a set I made in my favorite fall color right now.  


I am so hearting anything, Maroon, Burgandy,  Merlot, Mahogany, and Plum.    After wearing them together, I felt like I was drowning and decided to pair them with other wardrobe essentials. 


The pants are amazing, and I love the way they flow when I walk.  I used McCalls 6514 for the bottom and I can several more of these yummies in my closet. I'm thinking a heather grey as shown on the pattern cover would be cute.  The top is Burda 6838, which I have made several times.  

There were no modifications in either pattern, and they came together well.   Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 26, 2016


I was eliminated after the second round.   It was explained that I had the lowest scores on my Trench Coat submission. I love my trench coat and I thought I did a marvelous job based on my personality and my style.  It was an honor and privilege to have been chosen and able to participate. 

The other contestants did an amazing job, and I was in awe at how much work and detail they put into their coats within such a short amount of time.   The winner of the 2nd Challenge made a very nice coat.  Go over to the blog and check them out if you haven't.  I a rooting for them all to go on to win.  

Now its is back to my regularly scheduled sewing.  I have so many great projects in the works.  Hope you guys stay tuned.   Happy Sewing!.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


When I received the email for the email for the 2nd Challenge I was perplexed for a moment.  I have made several summer/spring coats, but never have had a need for a full coat living in Central Florida.  In late December early January through mid-February the temperature can go as low as 30 degrees, but those days are far and few between.   The last couple of Christmas’ have been in the mid 70’s to 80’s and we here in sunny Florida are still wearing shorts, straight through the winter months.

After reading the email I immediately went on line to read up on the history of the Trench Coat and too look for inspiration.   I knew I didn’t want the traditional Trench Coat as I am top heavy and all those buttons on the traditional Trench freaked me out.   I also knew I wanted something in darker denim, something I could wear on a cool winter’s night to the movies, or to work on a casual Friday.  So I found these three designs that I absolutely loved:

So armed with my inspiration pictures, I hunted for a pattern that had at least a few of the details in my inspiration pictures.  I chose McCalls 6442 which had the basic design features I was going for.  I really liked that it had darts both front and back to bring in the silhouette a little.   View C had a full Label and the perfect length which was a requirement for this challenge.

My Trench is fully lined and inset pockets with some beautiful whimsical cotton fabric I found at Walmart.  I purchased the whole bolt.  The fabric has a really cute French City Part theme.  I thought it was a perfect contrast to the darker denim I used for the Coat. Also fully serged all seams on the inside of my coat. I omitted lining the Sleeves to prevent bulk in the arms.  I also added ties at the wrist to give it a Trench feel.  The bottom half of the Trench has a lot of fullness which I love because it hides a lot of my imperfections in the lower half of my body.    

I am extremely excited about Week 3’s project and hopefully I make it to the next round.  Happy Sewing! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


First I'd like to congratulate the winners of the first challenge, they did a marvelous job.  To see who Week 1's winner were, check out the Fabric Mart Blog Post: Challenge 1 Winners

A little history about this weeks challenge:

The trench coat was invented by Burberry and Aquascutum back in the 1850s. Later it was used as a raincoat by the British and French soldiers in WWI. The name "trench coat" came to be because it was used by Army officers in the trenches. During this time, the design was modified to include details such as shoulder straps and D-rings, all added for specific reasons. The wrist buckles, for example, were added to keep the rain out when using binoculars. A classic trench coat was usually made of a waterproof fabric such as a heavy gabardine, leather or poplin. It could have a removable lining, raglan sleeves and ranges in length. It is double-breasted with 10 front buttons, wide lapels, a storm flap, belt and pockets with button closure.

While we probably don't use trench coats for these reasons today, we still see a lot of these features on trendy coats of this time.

This week's challenge is to sew a trench coat to fit your personality. It can be a classic trench or a more trendy one. You can use classic fabrics or live on the edge with a unique fabric. It can be lined or unlined. The only thing that is a requirement is that it goes past your bottom so that it resembles a trench coat in some way. There should also be some type of lapel, whether it be classic and tailored or loose and floppy like trends you see today. There were some interesting takes on a trench coat at Be sure to tell us a little about your personality, too!

If you are interested in learning more about the Trench Coat, see Wikipedia

Remember you can sew along and submit your entries as well and win 3 yards of this beautiful fabric for yourself. Makes sure you use #FabricistaFabricMaron Facebook and Instagram and all submissions are due by Friday, September 23, 2016.  For more information:  FabricMart.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fabricista Challenge, Week 1 Submission: Sweater Knit Duster and Matching Pencil Skirt.

Here she is guys:  

I was very pleased how it came out.   I paired it with a matching pencil skirt, jeans and a black sheath dress (really a tank and pencil skirt).  I love how it came together.  Immediately when I got the fabric, I knew what I was going to do with it.  I am overwhelmed at the response I received on my social media sites.  The other constants did a wonderful job as well, and I am amazed at how one fabric could produce so many different looks.   

Remember you can sew along and submit your entries as well and win 3 yards of this beautiful fabric for yourself. Makes sure you use #FabricistaFabricMaron Facebook and Instagram and all submissions are due by Friday, September 16, 2016.  For more information:  FabricMart.

I am really excited about the next challenge too.  It will really push me to think outside my comfort zone.  So stay tuned!

Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Fabricista Fashion Challenge Week 1: Geometric Sweater Knit

Even though I received my fabric last Thursday, I did not cut in to it until late yesterday. When I received my email that the fabric was shipped and it included a picture, I had an immediate vision of what I wanted to make.  

I changed my mind several times, but always came back to my original vision.  Once I received the fabric, it was clear I had to keep to my original vision.  When I tell you this has to be one of the nicest and softest fabrics I have felt in a long time, believe me.  This fabric is like butter. 

It has a really great stretch and recovery, which is really important when working with Knits.  Though I am a Florida girl and do not get to wear much fall items, I love them.  I love the fall colors and for a brief moment, I think about living in a cold environment so I can rock nice coats and over garments, then, I snap back to my senses.  

The submission is due Tuesday, September 13, 2016 which happens to be a very special day for me and my family.  It's my favorite Nephew's (only nephew) birthday.  This child was born a permie with several major health issues and has had several major surgeries, so we are so very blessed to see him turn 12 years old tomorrow.  

Remember you can sew along and submit your entries as well and win 3 yards of this beautiful fabric for yourself. Makes sure you use #FabricistaFabricMart on Facebook and Instagram and all submissions are due by Friday, September 1, 2016.  For more information:  FabricMart.

I hope you guys like my final submission.  I think it is absolutely fabulous.  Stay tuned and Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fabricista Fashion Challenge 4 Contestants Have Been Selected!! And I am one of them.

I couldn't wait to share my the news.  Can I tell you how excited I am to have been chosen to be one of the 6 contestants.  My mind has been on creative overload ever since I received the congratulatory email last week.  I was actually out of town with my family when I received the email and was beyond overjoyed I couldn't be still.   This is really huge for me because I had always wanted to participate but was reluctant to do so for so many reasons.  When the initial announcement came out asking for applicants, I immediately sent in my packet in the same day.  I am so glad I did.   

You all are welcomed to participate and follow along.  Here is the website information:   Fabricmart Fabricista Fashion Challenge 4 Information.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making Progress: McCalls 9147

I have decided that this pattern will be used  to several tops in different variations and colors and I can't wait to make them.  It is very simple and and straight forward pattern.  The "Tucks" at the waist as they are called, not "Darts" are awesome and can be adjusted to make the fit more flattering on the body. 

I am not done, it still needs to be hemmed and an the bottom added but I wanted to share my progress and I am so excited about this particular top.   Here you can see the phases as it take shape.  

I can't wait to show you guys how I plan to style it, so stay tuned. Happy Sewing!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wardrobe Building Series Tops: MYSTYLE: McCalls 9147

One of the first things I noticed after ridding myself of all the clothes in my closet, I hadn't worn in years, was that I didn't have many tops, blouses, and shirts. I figured I better start there.  I spend a lot of my non working time in tank tops so I literally have drawers of them.  I think these darn hot flashes are the culprit.  As soon as I get home from work/workout, I immediately shed my bra and put on a tank. 

While perusing the pattern section at Walmart a few weeks ago (I hate WALMART btw), but I had to pick up a prescription, and needed to kill sometime, so off to the pattern section I went.  I came across this lovely pattern.  I loved all the variations it provided.  I can see me using this pattern as a TNT, as it has tucks to define the waist and a button placket, all things I love in a blouse.  I always look at patterns that I can make fit adjustments rather easy without altering the pattern a lot.  And the fact that it has a tie neck version, made this pattern all the more attractive to me. 

I purchased this black and white checkered fabric or Gingham as it is commonly called, to use as a lining for a blazer, but that project went left quick.  Its been sitting in my stash for a little while.  It will be perfect for my first version of this pattern, "View B".  

I plan to pair with a pair of jeans for Casual Friday or maybe even a pair of wide leg slacks and some sandals with a pop of color.  I have so many styling options in my head.  I can't wait to also make all the other variations so stay tuned.  

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wardrobe Building: "MYSTYLE"

It is that time again, I'm working on building my wardrobe from top to bottom.  

I have recently cleaned out my closet and rid myself of every item that I have not touched for at least a year.  I had so many pants I couldn't believe it. Pants I hadn't worn in several years, and couldn't get into if I tried.  I literally had size 6 to 12 in my closet.   After gaining weight a couple of years ago, I totally gave up on dresses and skirts. Not sure why because I have always loved them.  I guess I felt frumpy and decided to buy or make them,  just wear pants, to me it was easier.  I work in corporate America and lost the zeal to dress up and look pretty anymore, and my co'workers started to notice and question me about it .
Then it happened, I started taking my workouts serious, and though I haven't lost much weight, because I exercise to eat, my body started to change.  After a few months, I noticed my clothes started to fit a little different, and my pants no longer bulged at the waistline. I was like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe this workout stuff is working after all.  Long story short, I am feeling like the old me again.  I started paying more attention to what I wear and taking the time to put my outfits together more cohesively.   I even had a co-worker tell me that I was "BACK".  LOL.  

So I am stuffing my closet full of beautiful garments that fit me and my style again.  I making things I love to wear and will be showcasing them here an on my other online sites.  My wardrobe building series is called"  "MYSTYLE".  Here a a few garments that I have made in the past and shared on on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites  Each piece except for the pink sweater was made by me:

As I build and post, I will share with you guys my patterns, modifications and styling preferences.  Have an awesome day and Happy Sewing!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vintage Butterick 3782: Vintage 70's Halter Dress

I've been working on my Vintage Butterick dress for a few months now.  It was going to be a dress I wanted to wear to an event I was invited too, but after waiting to long to get started on it, I didn't finish it in enough time and it ended up waded up in my UFO pile.  I pulled it out again this past week in anticipation of finishing it and wearing it in September for my family reunion reception in Charleston, SC.  I think it will be a great dress for Charleston.  So close to the water and the vintage feel of the city.  I can't wait to show you guys the finish product.   

Here is a picture of top portion:

I have completed the bottom portion as well I just need to add elastic to the waist, hem, and were done.  I can't wait to take pictures. I absolutely love the flounce and "v" neckline and of course anything with pockets is Love with me. 

Here is a picture of the pattern.  

I purchased it on Etsy a few months ago.  I absolutely love the many patterns I can find on Etsy.  I feel like I can always find a gem. 

Happy Sewing!  IMD

Friday, June 10, 2016

High Waist Floral Skirt with Front Slits.

This skirt was inspired by a skirt I saw while perusing Instagram one day.  I don't really wear many skirts and definitely not maxis.  I have a few knit ones that I wear from time to time.  It was self drafted.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Color Me Pretty: Simplicity 1161

This top was a really quick and easy top to make.  I wanted something cute to wear with leggings for an outing.  I purchased this fabric at Joann's months ago as usual it sat in my stash with no particular idea in mind. 

After looking through my pattern and trying to figure out what I could make, I came across this pattern.  I thought it be very playful with this multicolored fabric.  Though the cover photo on the pattern to me was not impressive at all, I did have a vision in mind.   Simplicity 1161, was awesome for this particular fabric.  The way it flows,and the colors just came together effortlessly.  

I could definitely see several of these in my summer wardrobe, especially a black or light blue eyelet fabric.  I would love to make one longer, maybe even as a maxi in a very nice soft knit fabric. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.   What do you think?

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Ultimate Swim Suit Cover Up.

I just really love how this swim suit cover up came out.   I made it for a young lady who sent me an inspiration picture of what she wanted.  The colors are so vibrant and lovely.  I self drafted this by draping on the mannequin.  I would love to make a couple more for myself, because I was really please at how it came out.  Hope you like it too.

Here is the inspiration photo that was provided to me:


Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Matron of Honor: McCalls 7047

My very dear friend, asked me to make a very special dress for her.  The occasion was her best friend and cousin's wedding.  She was tasked to be the Matron of Honor.  And of course it was my honor to make her a very special gown.  We looked at several designs and when I showed her this particular pattern  McCalls 7047 she fell in love.  

This pattern has so many options to find a design that fits.  I made a few modifications to her liking and she was ecstatic with the outcome.

Modifications:  Instead of the draped look she wanted a cowl back to show off a little skin and I added a removal insert/dickie to accommodate that, and extended the peplum in the back for more drama and coverage.

Now there is a little side story to this particular sewing project.  I actually made to fully functional gowns.  The first gown I made had glitter in the fabric, which was a disaster and left black glitter all of her body that was very difficult to remove, even after the fabric had been washed several times. Thank God I started this project about a week in advance, because we had time to go find more fabric which we did.  A very beautiful flowy sequin that came out lovely.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Butterick 5850: Resurrection Sunday Dress.

This dress makes me smile.  I had something totally different to wear for Easter, a white linen trapeze style dress that I will share later.  I ordered a pair of orange suede pumps to wear with my white dress, but when I received them they didn't fit and I didn't have time to find an alternate pair so I decided to wear this dress that was working on anyway.  It turned out to be an awesome backup plan. 

The fabric is from Fine Fabrics in Atlanta, I picked it up in February for a client piece, but my client decided to back out and go buy a dress.  It's a Wax African Print, a little heavy, but draped well. 

I have mad this pattern several times, but mostly out of Taffeta or special occasion fabric. 

Quick Review:

  • I did not like the instructions when it got to the neck section.  I really didn't need the instructions as I have made this particular dress before and a few others like it. 

  • I didn't line my dress because the fabric was heavy and double sided and not see through.  

  • I used store bought binding for my arms and did a sewing machine hem after serging edges.    

  • I added 4 inches to the side ties for length.  

  • For the neck portion of the pattern I just gathered it so it would sit nicely on my neck without riding up.  

  • There is a side sipper, and I extended right into the arm hole and used an invisible zipper.  

  • There is four panels for the skirt portion of the dress and I added two inches to each panel for fullness. 

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Double Ruffle off The Shoulder Top/Dress worn by SweeneeStyle!

I had the honor and privilege to make a garment for one my favorite Fashion Style Bloggers SweeneeStyle.  She has inspired me for a long time. Her style is so chic and fashion forward.  She can take the most simplistic item and make it into a fashion show piece.  She is constantly on my radar.  

I love seeing others in my designs, and checking out how they style the garments I make for them.  It is so interesting to me to see what a person sees from fashion view point.  We can all wear the same piece but style it so very differently and get a whole different look.  

The top/dress I made for her was self drafted. I actually asked her what she would like to have made for inspiration, and she sent a pic of a dress that she liked. Off the shoulder is one of her best style aesthetics that she wears often, and wears it well.  I love how she styled a similar top on one of her blog posts, so when I thought about making her garment using her inspiration, it came to me instantly.  

The top was self drafted and I love the fullness that the doubled ruffle makes.  I curved the hem and lengthened it just enough to help it flair a little. It can be worn as both a top and or dress.   The fabric is a lightweight denim.  She paired it with white Jeans and the most gorgeous heels.   Check out more picture of how she styled the ensemble.  

Happy Day!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Vogue 8808: Black Camouflage Scuba Knit Long Dress

I finally finished my Vogue 8808.  This dress was made from some really nice Scuba Knit I found in Atlanta at Fine Fabrics.  It was a remnant and I had Just over 2 and half yards.  I had a first earmarked it for a pair of wide legged pants, but I am so glad I decided to use it for this particular pattern.  It really came out nice.  

The only modification I made was to shorten the front hem a bout an half of an inch. I paired it with a pair of Nine West Stacked heels gifted to me from my Sister.  I didn't want to add anything else to it, just wanted to keep it simple since it was camouflage it really didn't need anything else. 

A picture of it on my mannequin.

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Burda 7340: Asymmetrical Top with Side Slit

Sometimes I just want something easy peasy to wear our and about on my shopping days.  I chose this top because of my constant need to conquer my Burda fear and addiction.  This was one of the simplest tops I've ever made.  It just made me feel like I conquered another Burda.  LOL

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Butterick 5859: High Waisted Polka Dot Pants

I really love how my pants came out.  They are a perfect fit and they can be styled in so many different ways.   When I purchased this cotton stretch fabric, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.   I am a polka dot fanatic and can see myself with a closet full of dots. 

Butterick 5859 is a great wardrobe building pattern. It includes a top with a bow which is one of my design aesthetics I love.  The pieces are classic and well thought out as a group.  I can't wait to make a few of the other pieces in this pattern as well.

Some other style options I chose:

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Butterick 4807: Yoga Pants.

When the fabric was born for the pattern, this would be the time.  I purchased only two yards of this fabric from "The Sewing Studio" in Maitland, Florida.  Its a Fabric store that has some of the most beautiful fabrics.  Sometimes they are a little pricey so I usually go once a month and check out the remnant and $5.00 a yard bin.  This particular fabric was $7.50 a yard, so of course I had to grab a couple of yards.  I knew exactly what I had in mind for it when I purchased it. 

Butterick 4807 is one of my go to patterns.  I love the many variations of the Yoga Pant and how you can use them to get several different looks.  I use "View B" for many of my projects as I just love how they fit me.  I have also used them for wovens.  It works really well with a little modification. 

Here are my Yoga Pants:

Another view in my living room:

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Butterick 5524 and Self-Drafted Leggings: My Leisure Suit.

I love how this outfit turned out.  I love that I can wear it casual and dressy depending on my mood.  I also love how comfortable the fabric is.  It’s a spandex knit from   I’ve had the pattern for the top in my stash for some time now, and I see it is Out of Print as well.  I wanted to make it last year, but opted because the pattern reminds me of winter wear and I don’t need much winter wear here in Florida.   I was inspired by MimiG’s version of this outfit and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to pair it with this fabric.

The Leggings were self drafted.  There are many Youtube videos and Tutorials on the web on making a legging block.   I do not remember who’s tutorial I used because its been such a very long time that I made the pattern.  I use it often.

I styled it with a dressy suede booties and a pair of open toe sandal  booties to show how different shoes can give an out such a different look.

Here is my Leisure Suit:

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Look 6008 - Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Sweater

I've been holding on to this fabric for some time now.  The fabric was purchased at a local fabric store and I only had a yard and a half.  So my first thought was a pencil skirt.  I never got to the skirt, so I put the fabric in my stash and forgot about it.  The pattern is an older pattern, but I use it a lot as a basic turtle Neck pattern.

Here is my version of View "B"

Here is the pattern I used which is no longer in print:

Happy Sewing!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Burda 6838: Cross Body Long Sleeve Blouse.

I have always had a fear of Burda Patterns, they've always intimidated me.  I've made several Burda garments, but I always had the fear of messing them up.  Just the way their pattern instructions are written seem to stump me. I usually can look at pattern and go straight to construction without looking at the instructions.  Sometimes I just peruse instructions to see if anything is funky, but Burda always seem to go into very unnecessary steps to get to the end product.   So I made a pledge to dive into them and conquer my fear.  I am not the type of person to let anything stump me for long. 

Here is Burda 6838:

Happy Sewing!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Burda Young 7146: Tops

As you know I live in Florida.  I just can't bring myself to make or even buy a coat.  We have such sporadic and short winters, I find they just hang in my closet for years until I give them away.  So for at least the past 6 years I have not owned an overcoat.  I usually just layer, and or wear hoodies and zipper jackets.  I do own a Michael Kors leather jacket that I absolutely love. 

At first glance of this pattern, I thought, well its on sale, but I doubt if I sew anything from it.  Of course I see Burda Young and I think about teenagers.  But after this weekends cold snap where we got down into the low 40's, I decided I needed to revisit and try View "A".  Its perfect for layering, and just cute enough to wear casually with my boots and leggings.  

Here goes:

Pattern Views:

The pattern was super simple and didn't even have to pay much attention to instructions.  Burda and I have a love hate relationship, so I usually just review the instructions then toss them to the side and do my thing.  That's exactly what I did here.  It came together nicely and I can't wait to style if for you guys, so stay tuned. 

Happy Sewing!