Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Matron of Honor: McCalls 7047

My very dear friend, asked me to make a very special dress for her.  The occasion was her best friend and cousin's wedding.  She was tasked to be the Matron of Honor.  And of course it was my honor to make her a very special gown.  We looked at several designs and when I showed her this particular pattern  McCalls 7047 she fell in love.  

This pattern has so many options to find a design that fits.  I made a few modifications to her liking and she was ecstatic with the outcome.

Modifications:  Instead of the draped look she wanted a cowl back to show off a little skin and I added a removal insert/dickie to accommodate that, and extended the peplum in the back for more drama and coverage.

Now there is a little side story to this particular sewing project.  I actually made to fully functional gowns.  The first gown I made had glitter in the fabric, which was a disaster and left black glitter all of her body that was very difficult to remove, even after the fabric had been washed several times. Thank God I started this project about a week in advance, because we had time to go find more fabric which we did.  A very beautiful flowy sequin that came out lovely.

Happy Sewing!


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