Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fall Wardrobe Essential - McCalls 6886

I had this fabric in my stash for over a year.  I found it on sale at, and I initially purchased it to make a blazer.  Of course as usual I never got around to it, and so I packed it away with my winter fabrics.  Its a double knit, so I could have used it for something like a pencil skirt  but since it was spring/summer sewing it got packed away.  

Working on my fall wardrobe and making sure it is filled with easy transitional essentials I pulled the fabric out and immediately ran to my quickie go too McCalls 6886.  I needed a dress to wear to church.   I woke up a few hours early and quickly put it together, and was out the door and on time for church.  Yay me.  Because it was already cut out, and used so many times, it was put together in about an hour, hemmed, serged and all.


As you can see I paired it with a cute little sleeveless knit vest and belt.  I also can wear it without a belt and love that look as well.  I think McCalls M6886 is used a lot in sewing blogging land, so not much to say about it other than its a quick and easily modified pattern that is supper versatile. 

Happy sewing.  


  1. You look fantastic. I bought this fabric as well. And the fuchsia colourway. M6886 is a great go to pattern.

    1. Thanks Angela, I almost got the Fuchsia it is very pretty.

  2. I'm loving the pieces you're compiling for your Fall wardrobe. Great job!


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