Monday, December 3, 2012

Learning and Appreciating my Craft.

As I learn more and more about sewing, I’ve come to the realization the value of the craft of a seamstress/clothier/garment maker.  Since I've gotten back into sewing, I’ve learned that it takes a lot of time and delicate attention to detail to make fine clothing. 
It is so very hard to fine quality RTW clothing anymore.  Even the high-end stores seem to sell clothing that is not really well made.  I have bought $200.00 coats $100.00 jeans, and tops I will not name the price, with linings hanging, loose, skipped and missing threads, just to name a few. 
I have also walked into church and sat behind near, or next too someone wearing the same RTW garment.  Which isn't an issue for me, because I understand when they made one, they made a million.  If I liked it, I am sure someone else somewhere liked it as well, or it wouldn't be on the shelf.
I had so many seamstresses in my family, Mom, both Grandmothers, Great Aunt, and Aunt.  I remember them always looking like run way models.  Not only did they sew for themselves, but for others as well.  Church was a show place for their wares. Especially, my paternal Grandmother.  She put the “D” in Diva.  She out shined the whole congregation when she walked into church.  Even the first lady/pastors wife would walk over and gagga over her outfit.  She worked for a very high-end specialty store in Downtown Orlando.  Only the ritziest of clothing was sold there, and were well above middle class to afford to shop there. I remember not being able to go to school and she would take me to work with her and I would lie around and play in the stockroom.   My Grandmother never bought a stitch of clothing from the store, but owned a exact replica of everything in there. 
My paternal Grandmother and Great Aunt also made fine lingerie and undergarments.  They bra's, panties and slips. I don’t even think young women today know what a slip is.  I’ve asked and got a very bewildered look.
I want to learn so much, I want grasp all there is to know.  I want to be a master craftsman.  I want to look at an outfit and go home and make it, without a pattern as my Grandmother did. 
The skill of making clothing is invaluable and I am so glad to be among those that do.  I do not consider myself a seamstress as of yet.  I am getting there though and one day, my passion will be my reward.


  1. Enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of my greataunt, grandmother and mother who sewed. I think my aunt sewed too.

    You are doing a great. You can't do nothing but succeed with such great sewers from your family tree :)

    I still use my grandmother and mother's scissors and other sewing notions. I also inherited all my grandaunts buttons.

    I loved the slips my grandaunt use to make...memories :)

  2. MAD14kt, thanks so much. And thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have some of my Grandmothers sewing items, I treasure them too. Have a great day!


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