Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers! Horrific Tragedy in Connecticut.

I am tired.  Its been a long day.  The horrific news of today's shooting in Connecticut sent me in a whirl of confusion and sadness.  I just can't and will never understand.   I know this person who committed such a heinous crime may have been ill, crazy sick, or whatever.  Right now I don't care, why or about his disposition.  I can only feel ill about how the family's of the loss lives must be feeling right now.  

It is being reported at this hour that those bodies are still lying in the school.  It is still an active crime scene.  So not only do you know that your love one is gone, your child, as to the adults, maybe your wife, mother, sister, etc., but you know they are still lying there.  You can't see them, hold them touch them, all you have are your memories and your unanswered questions.

I wish we could pray this away, but we can't.  Please hug those you love today, please call those who you haven't spoken too and miss, please say a prayer for those affected.  Godspeed to all affected by this tragedy.  

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