Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have not stepped foot in a mall in over 6 months.  I literally hate malls.  I know that is a strong word, but malls are just not for me.
The last time I was in a mall, it was shopping with my teenage son.  I just kind of walked behind him and browsed as he went from store to store looking for a Cardigan sweater.  I don't even think it was the season for cardigans.  No need to tell him that, though. 
Since I have started sewing again over a year ago, I have been able to duplicate or make any garment I see or want.  An advantage I think some would like to have.  It seems that WTR clothing is targeted to a certain market.  I am not in that market.  At my age, it is not my desire to show off my tummy, but cheeks or thighs. Not that they aren't show worthy, I am just not there anymore in my own mind.

Here is a list of advantages I find I have:

1.  I can make whatever I want.
2.  I can modify, change, add or subtract (i.e. pockets), any garment I make.
3.  I can make multiples of the same item, in different colors, textures and even sizes.
4.  I can make seasonal items even out of season.
5.  I can save a lot of money.

There are so many other advantages to being a sewist, but the few listed are the most important to me. 


  1. Well said Melanie D! I was just telling my husband I don't remember when I bought garments from any store lately. My favorite saying I tell others is I can have something new to wear whenever I want. Even when the stores are closed :) Happy sewing!

  2. Mad14kt. Exactly. I am usually sewing when store are closed.

  3. I only go to the mall to buy shoes! I love making my own clothes and avoiding the disappointment of taking a item off the rack, going to the fitting room and finding the item is too long, doesn't fit, etc. I love being my own stylish!

    1. I feel you Regina, me too. I get most of my shoes offline. I have gotten to teh point I don't go into stores at all to shop. I take pictures of thingks I look, and go home and search through my patterns for something similar.


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