Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Simplicity 1280: Pink Polka Cross Body Top.

As you may be aware I have been sewing tops to rebuild my wardrobe after donating a lot of items this past month, so I decided to make November my month of tops and make both casual and dress tops.  

When I came across this pattern: Simplicity 1280, I knew immediately that I would be making this more than once.  I saw so many different color and fabric options for this top in my head.   

I was gifted this particular fabric from a co-worker who Mother passed and she was seamstress.  She gave me a little over 3 yards so I wasn't sure I wanted to make a whole garment like a dress or pant set in this particular design, I thought it would be way too much.  So when I came across this pattern, this piece of fabric came instantly to mind, plus I am a nut for Polka Dots.  

It was fairly easy to put together, though I made one modification.  I extended the sleeve length, because I didn't care for who short the fell on the model on the pattern front.  It just looked a little out of place for me.   The pictures also look a little red, but the fabric color is actually a really deep pink.

Here is my Polka Dot Cross  Body Top:


Here I am wearing it, and yes the picture quality suck, sorry!:  

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love this top, such pretty fabric and the pattern is wonderful. Great job.

  2. Love the neckline details of this top!

  3. Yeah...Imma have to grab this pattern. Love the polka dots! Fab hair color!!!


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