Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Don't Do Kid Sewing and I Don't Do Costumes: Doc McStuffins.

I don't sew for little ones, I have no desire to sew for little ones.  I just don't even get excited thinking about it.  I also don't do costumes but was asked by a family member if I would make a lab coat for her daughter who is under sized.  She's three years old but still wears a 12 month - 18 month clothing. She was preemie, so its been tough for Mom to find things to fit her.  

I didn't make the complete costume, just the lab coat.  I think her Mom did a Marvelous job piecing together the rest of the costume.

Doc McStuffins

So here's the little Doc McStuffins.  Doesn't she look adorable. 


Happy Sewing!


  1. I hear you Lady!!! But great work on that lab coat! I'd rather poke needles in my eyes than sew costumes...for my kids or me or my family or anyone else for that matter. Kids clothes are another matter - I don't mind sewing things for my girls, but I think that comes from seeing the joy in their eyes, rather than the joy from sewing the clothes. If they weren't my kids, I would be sewing kids gear at all!

  2. Same here! But when a family member or close friend need something I give in. I made a outfit for a two year old out of custom Dr. McStuffns fabric. It was soooooo cute and the little one enjoyed it too! Great work! She looks so cute!


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