Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Ultimate Hi-Lo Skirt

A few months ago I shared that a friend asked me to make her a skirt to wear to her 15th wedding anniversary party.  She sent me a picture of the look she was going for.   I spent weeks staring at the picture because it was not very clear.  She wanted a statement piece with a long train, so I mentally concentrated on that aspect of it first.   I knew the train part would be my issue.  I wanted to make sure that the train was a continuous flow from the waist down to the floor.  I didn't want the skirt to be pieced together.  

I knew a circle skirts would give me the fullness it needed and the body I wanted.  Taffeta was my first and only choice of fabric.  She knew exactly what color she wanted, so I sent her on the hunt for it.  I did a muslin using a thrift store sheet, which came out decent but not what I wanted, still keeping in mind that I would be using Taffeta so I knew it would have more body.  Finally when I was ready to actually made the skirt, darnit, I made the darn thing tooooooo short.  Luckily I had her get about 2 extra yards of the fabric then I knew I would need, so had enough to make another. 

When I delivered the skirt to her, I gave her both skirts, she loved the longer one and said she could probably use the shorter one with another outfit.  Then I get a text message a few days later, and she has both the skirts together, (I would have never thunk it), and it worked.  She put on both skirts, the longer over the shorter one, and then she suggested we make little tucks in the front alternating them so as to give it more of a blousy effect, and it worked. 

So here is my friend wearing our collaboration, the Ultimate Hi-Lo Skirt.  Isn’t she beautiful?

It was such a wonderful project and she was such a joy to work with.  Was so honored when she strutted into the party, and danced the night away in her skirt.  She had a smile on her face which in turn had me beaming from ear to ear. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Bravisima!!!! She looks great!!

  2. Beautiful skirt, she is beaming!

  3. Congratulations!!! Nothing better than a happy friend, client! Looks great.

  4. Your friend looks beautiful in her skirt ..Great job ..

  5. Perhaps the two of you need to collaborate in a business. Wow!

  6. Woow, she looks like a movie star! Good job, both of you -- what a beautiful and memorable collaboration!


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