Tuesday, April 29, 2014

White Out! Self Drafted (Copied) Linen Pants

I love the look of linen, anything linen, but especially pants.  Summers in Central Florida get so hot and wearing jeans is a no go on a hot summers day for me.  I love the look for a pair of wide leg linen pants that you can dress up or down.  I purchased a pair from NY&CO and they were $70.00 before tax.  I was gasped but they were a great fit and I love the breeziness and the flow of the pants, so I sucked it up.  But I had another thought in mind when I purchased them!  They were going to be used to make a pattern for future pants.

I've been backing off from sewing pants for along time.  I just could never seem to get them right, no matter the style.  Even elastic waist, zippered front, side, back, nothing seemed to totally make me happy.  So I have been practicing and I came across a few Youtube Videos and Websites that showed you how to use a pair pants that fit you well to make a pattern for your pants.

I decided to try this method and it worked for me to some degree.  I did have to make a lot of modifications, and guess what!  I still don't have a pattern because I traced my pants onto newspaper which was torn and ragged so bad I had to toss it. But nevertheless, I am please with the outcome.

Something I learned while working on this project:   Even though I always pressed my seams, finishing them is so important.  Something I did not really get the full concept of until now. 

Happy Sewing!


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