Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vogue 8907 - For the Love Ponte Roma

I'll make everything in Ponte Roma Knit if I could.  As I have mentioned before, I am a Ponte Roma addict.  So when I saw the top made by Erica Bunker, I new I had to make it in the Red and my beloved Ponte Roma.
I rarely take pictures in the clothing I make.  First because I don't ever have anyone too take pictures of me, and secondly I just don't like take pictures.  But I felt like my dress form did this top no justice, and I had to wear it so you could get an example of how it fell on the body.  I really am pleased with how it come out.  I do plan to make another.


Quickie Pattern Review:

Pattern:   Vogue 8907 (View A)

Sizes:     14-20 -  I cut the 14 my RTW is a 10.

Directions:   Scale of 1-10 on difficulty, I would give it a 7. 

Fabric:   Red Ponte Roma Knit.

Changes:   I didn't make any changes, but I did have to adjust a little/  For some odd reason, once my top was together, the front and back was not even.  I think my drape overlapped on my shoulders a little too much.  I didn't interface the neck and arm facings.  The fabric has enough stability I thought, and it worked out well. 

Would I make it again:  Yes, I plan too, its already cut.

Happy creating.


  1. that looks fantastic on you! could it being red have something to do with it? lol! I love red too but that realy does look great on you, youdid a fantastic job!

  2. This is very cute and you look fabulous in it! "A Ponte Roma addict"...that's too funny but I know what you mean!

    1. Aaaaaaaaaah. Thanks GodsgirlT, I absolutely love following your blog, you rock.


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