Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Its So Easy It's Simplicity 1743

My love hate relationship with Walmart reminds me why there is some LOVE there.   Though Walmart is my least favorite place, every now and then I score some big savings.  I will only get my prescription medications because of the $4.00 price.  So, yes I suffer through whatever my feelings are to get my prescriptions filled.  Actually, I usually have hubby pick them up, since it’s on his way home from work.

On occasion when I have no choice but to slide into my area dreaded Walmart, of course I have to visit our small and limited sewing section.  Just to see if there is fabric worth using as muslin, or the occasional pattern I that I missed.  I do grumble but every time I visit Walmart I do tend to leave with several patterns.   This particular pattern caught my attention immediately.  It’s So Easy It's Simplicity 1743 is a brand I like a lot.  They seem to be “SO EASY”. 

I found these cute shoes while perusing through Marshalls one day.  I am not a fan of Dr. Scholl’s shoes, but for some reason, these particular shoes caught my eyes.    I think it was the Chambray in the rear of the shoe that caught me.  I love anything Chambray.

I knew I would have to make something to wear with them and I wasn’t sure what, but when I came across this pattern, I thought hmmmmmmmmmm and Chambray skirt to go with my Chambray shows. Tada, here we are.

Happy Sewing!

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