Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Walking Shorts - Simplicity 1887

Summer for me is winding down.  I accomplished a lot that I set out to accomplish, though I didn't finish any of the Pattern Review Sew A Longs that I entered into.  I am sad about that I just feel like I taken on more than I should have.  But I just kept chugging along, because I know the more I sew the more I learn, the more I learn, the better I become.  

Here are my walking shorts, Simplicity 1887 Tie Front Shorts that I made for a Facebook Page Sewing Group in am in called "Sew Divas". The group has a competition every month called the Project Runway Competition.  At the beginning of every month the Group which has about 400 members pick a pattern and everyone make something from the pattern if it has more than garment.  You have to submit your pictures of the garment you made by midnight of the last day of the month.  And guess what, I won July's Project Runway with the submission of my walking short.  So without further ado here goes:

The details of the shorts are not visible in the picture, they are little tiny silver dots.  The fabric is a Cotton/Linen blend.  I added to inches to the pants to cover my thigh action.  I don't like to show a lot of thigh. I also extended the ties about 6 inches (drama), they were a little short and looked quite wonky.  

I absolutely love how they turned out and can't wait to make another pair.  I think I should have them in every color, but I would love to have a soft beige linen pair really soon. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Great shorts! Can't beat white for summer.

  2. Congrats on winning in July..
    Love the shorts.

  3. Oh! These shorts are fabulous! I can totally see why you won. The minor alterations you made are perfect. I really need some nice shorts and I'm definitely going to make a note of this pattern! Thanks bunches!

  4. Those are great looking shorts.


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