Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WALMART! My Hate/Love Relationship!

I will screech past Walmart doing 55 on a 45 mph highway.  I do frequent Walmart because as much as I despise them, I love them too. 
Some prices just can't be beat, and others are not even worth fighting the crowded isles, long lines, parking, and disrespectful checkout personnel in my area.  There are at least 20 checkout lines in my local Walmart, but there is never more than 5 lanes open at a time.  Go figure!  I would rather pay the extra .25 cents at Publix than deal with the hassle on most days.  Really its really not that much different when I did the research. 
But, Walmart sewing department and my cheap prescription, gets me in the doors.   Once in, I am caught up with the other stuff I can't possibly not pick up since I am already there. 
I did have an opportunity to skip into Walmart this past Sunday and lookie what I came home with, yumminess:
Yes, I am so excited.  Nothing extravagant, just some simpe sewing that I am looking forward too.

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