Monday, October 26, 2015

I've Been Sewing.

Hi all.  I know it appears as far as blogging goes I've dropped off of the grid.  Life kind of took off for me this past summer, and I have been sewing for clients like crazy.  This Blog was basically for me to chronicle my sewing endeavors and growth.  But since I started sewing for others, it just kind of took off and my clientele has really grown.  So, I am going to try and get back on target and get back to showcasing my sewing for myself.    

I am not really sure where I wan to go.  As my full time job which I actually enjoy pays my bills, my sewing gives me the ability to work out my creativity knots and also to make some extra cash.  I have actually done pretty good sewing for other, well beyond my expectations.  

Here are a few things I that I have done in the last month, that I had not had an opportunity to blog about.  

The green dress is a vintage Simplicity Jiffy pattern, No.  5363 which I purchased off of Etsy.  When I tell you its so simple, it was just to easy and I can see a this dress in my closet in several variations. The Pattern literally has two pattern pieces, and a sash.  I should have added pockets put I guess I was way to excited and forget.  

The other look is a pair of gold wide legged pants I made using a pattern, I honestly can't remember which pattern though.  I do remember adding a casing and elastic, as the pattern called for a side zipper oh and of course a zipper.  The pants are made out of a very flowy challis I found at The black knit top is a Ann Taylor top I got from a thrift store. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. I absolutely love both looks...they're both so very Chic! BTW...we all understand how life can get in the way! :)

  2. Love the gold wide -legged trousers and top ensemble -stunning!!!

  3. I love both of these projects! Congratulations on the increase of clients, I'm not surprised as you sew beautifully!


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