Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Me Time: Simplicity 1616 View "A"

I haven't had much time to sew for myself.  The beginning of the Spring brought on Prom Season, then from there the summer sewing season geared up and  finally now, all of my client sewing is caught up.  Though I have a few orders to fulfill it feels great to have a break.  

Sewing is my passion, but it is really difficult juggling sewing, a family and working a full time job. Hopefully my dream of owning my own tailoring studio will be realized one day soon, but until then I will continue on my journey. 

Here is the skirt I made from a remnant I found at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta (Snellville), G.A. while there last February.  Every year my Hubby and I go on a couples ski retreat to Gatlinburg, TN and we always stop in GA to stay over night with family.  I am able to take advantage and grab up some really nice fabrics from Fine Fabrics while I'm in ATL. 

I love this print on the fabric, it really flows nice.  The Pattern was so easy, I really didn't need it and never looked at the instructions, this could literally be cut freehand.  But since I had the pattern, I just used it so I would have to calculate anything, just cut, sew (serge) and go!  The complete skirt was serged, and not hemmed. 

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Happy Sewing!


  1. I'm loving maxi skirts and this print is awesome. It looks great on you.

  2. I have this pattern and can't seem to get to it! I love yours and that fabric is wonderful!

  3. Some over due "me" sewing time. You deserve it, and gorgeous maxi skirt!

  4. Beautiful skirt, and I really like that fabric. I am on a black and white kick these days


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