Thursday, February 19, 2015

Annual Ski Trip/Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen/Fine Fabrics!

Hello all.  My Husband and I just returned this past Monday from our Annual Ski Trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  And yet again, I return ill.  Head cold, fever, chills, etc.  My body just doesn't not like the cold weather at all.  

This will be our 6th year attending, and again we had a great time with family and friends in fellowship.  Lots of food, drinks and good times had by all. It is usually anywhere from 5 to 12 couples and a few singles who attend the trip every year.  The organizer of the trip is my cousins wife who has organized and or been involved with the annual ski trip for about 14 years now.   

I didn't take many pictures this year, but here is sneak peak of our beautiful cabin:


On our way to Gatlinburg from Orlando, we stop in Atlanta, GA and spend the night with our family, and together we all drive up to Tennessee.  I also got to visit a restaurant in Atlanta, GA, that I had heard so much about, its is called Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  It was marvelous, so if you get an opportunity to visit one, check it out.   I had the best calamari and scallops that I have ever had.  The service was quick and the atmosphere was awesome.  

I also got to make a quick stop at Fine Fabrics in Norcross, GA.  We do not have a wide selection of fabric stores in Orlando or the surrounding areas.  We have a few specialty shops but they can be a little expensive.  I normally order online, or take part in the few nice things my local Joann's have every now and then.  I picked up some really nice knits, in some very beautiful colors, trying to prepare for spring:

Some fabric shopping! Spring is right around the corner! #Itsmelaniedarling #seamstress #sewing #finefabrics #fabric #springiscoming

I also purchased a pair of shears that I had heard about in one of my Facebook sewing groups.  Yes, they cut like butter, and I am in love.  The price was right at $26.00, and they do free sharpening for a life. Which doesn't help me much, with them being in Atlanta, and me in Orlando.  Oh and peep where they were made "GRMANY".  I couldn't stop laughing at the misspelling.  I wonder if they were really made there.  LOL.

Cut like butter!  And they are imported from "GRMANY"!  Hahahaha but they do cut amazingly!   #Itsmelaniedarling #seamstress #scissors #shears #cuttingfabric

Happy Sewing!


  1. My husband and I just got back from our annual winter trip to Gatlinburg too! We had a wonderful time as well. We don't have a Pappadeaux where we live in Louisville, Kentucky but make a point of eating there whenever we visit my mother in law in Beaumont, Texas. Delish! Beautiful fabrics!!!

  2. Looks fabulous SBFF! The food pictures made me hungry and its only 9:00am here LOLLL Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us!

  3. Love your fabrics and the pics of your winter vacation. I visit Pappadeaux and Fine Fabrics each time I visit my daughter in Atlanta. Love both of these places and have never been disappointed. Thinking it is time for a trip to Atlanta real soon.

  4. Uh oooooo! Looks like a stashafabraholic is among us! Nice Haul!!!! It aint a vacation unless you visit somebodys fabric store!


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