Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Member of the Istmelaniedarling Sew Family: Singer 14T970C Coverstitch Machine

Well I did it Sew Family.  I bit the bullet and purchased a coverstitch machine this weekend.  I've been eyeballing them for sometime now, but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted.  I recently came across the Janome Coverpro 900cpx and was sold on it based on the reviews and the fact that I have the Janome Memory Craft 6600p sewing machine, which I absolutely adore.  

The price of the Coverpro was not in my price range so I was hoping over the Christmas holiday there would be specials and it would be marked down.  I even saved one in my cart on Amazon.com just in case, but I didn't find that the price changed anywhere.  

While at my local Joann's this weekend, I was shopping for fabric for a clients project and while waiting for my number to be called I perused the sewing machine area.   Not to purchase just looking at what they had.  I began talking with the sewing machine area sales person and I expressed to her that I couldn't wait to purchase a Coverstitch machine.  Her eyes got big and she said "if you are interested in purchasing a machine today, we have a closeout special on the Singer 14T970C."  I told her if the price was right I was interested.  She showed me this particular machine, and explained a little about its functions.  I wasn't sold immediately, because I wanted to know the price before I even got interested.  She explained that the machine is regularly $699.00 and that it is now a closeout and will not be offered in the U.S. any longer, and I could get it that day for $290.00.  They only had one more .  I then asked about why it was no longer sold in the U.S., and she explained that this particular model didn't sell well in the U.S. but overseas they sold lots.  Hmmmmmmm was my first notion.  

My number was called for the cutting table so I walked away and told the Sales Person I would think about.  Still nervous, but the price was right.  I said, what the heck, this could be my blessing.  So after my fabric was cut, I went back over and told her I wanted the machine and asked about the perks.  She allowed me to play with the floor model while she went to get the one I was purchasing, and I found it was easier to thread than my Brother 1043d.  

I looked on the internet to get reviews and information (yes after I purchased), backwards I know. Couldn't find very much at all.  Actually several people noted that as well.  I did find this review: S14T970C Review, which was very long but very informative.  


Yesterday was actually my first day playing with my new machine.  I threaded it and re threaded it to get that hang of it.  I know already I am going to have to play around it to get comfortable with it. The similarities of a Coverstitch and a Serger can be confusing, but I am excited about learning. I actually have two 1/2 Sergers so I only needed a Coverstitch only machine, Here are a few pointers I've noticed so far:

Things I like so far:
  • Its not very noisy at all. 
  • You have to thread one difficult area
  • Easy to thread

Things I don't so far like:
  • The placement of the lever to lift foot sucks
  • Not very much room under presser foot

As my friendship grows with my new buddy, I will let you guys know how it goes, until then, Happy Sewing!


  1. congradulations on the great find! I recently purchased a serger "again" after all these years, hoping it wont come unthreaded as it may be over if it does lol! happy sewing to you!

  2. This was great buy. I am sure you will get lost of use out of it.

  3. What a great deal! You'll love your coverstitch machine. I've have a BabyLock coverstitch and believe me the twin needle does not compare (although it works if there's no other option LOL).

  4. FIESTA ... It is a BLESSING ... Enjoy ;)

  5. Great buy Melanie....it's good to get a new toy at a great price. Happy 2015

  6. Hi, I purchased this machine yesterday on closeout from Joann's for $249. I'm excited and nervous. Do you have any new feedback on this machine?

  7. I just purchased this machine on closeout at Joann's for $249.

  8. I just purchased this machine on closeout at Joann's for $249.


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