Wednesday, January 29, 2014

McCalls 6209 - Poncho Love!

Living in Florida when the temperature drops below 65 degrees we Floridians go into hibernation.  Unless your a transplant, or a snow bird, you stay away from the chill.  I can honestly say I do not own an overcoat. I love to see my Sewing Sista's making all these beautiful coats, and I promise one day I will too.  But for right now, I only need my PONCH!  Which I love and am so glad I finally made it.  

I was so inspired by others who made it, so I went to my favorite fabric store to purchase some wool and I just could not bring myself to pay $29.00 $40.00 a yard for the wool I wanted.  So after perusing and gawking I decided to use a soft fleece.  Which I am glad I did, its just the right feel and weight.  Not too heaving but heavy enough to knock of the chill.  

Quickie Pattern Review:

Pattern:   Vogue 6209 (View B)

Sizes:     XS-S-M  I cut the M (which was too large).

Directions:   Scale of 1-10 on difficulty, I would give it a 2. 

Fabric:   Fleece
Changes:   I didn't make any changes, theres only 3 pieces to the pattern.  Next time I will make it View A.  

Would I make it again:  Yes, but smaller.

So, I am living a Poncho Life, happy sewing!


  1. Love your poncho..Pretty color too.. I am in Ms.. and I am not liking the cold weather.ha

  2. Thanks Judy. I love it. I am sure it freezing in MS.

  3. just three pieces? that makes me want to give it a try lol! I noticed you didn't make any changes so was it just the right length? I find I have to pull a lot of patterns up being 5'1'' lol! I like to tell myself that if it's a winner for Melanie then it's a winner for me lol!

    1. I didn't make any changes, but I Could have lifted it up a few inches as well it is rather long, as I am 5'1" as well. Us short people.

  4. I love it!!! Great colour. Ponchos are fun aren't they?

    1. Thanks So much, I love them too. They are so very easy for a Florida girl who doesn't do the cold.


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