Monday, June 29, 2015

The Rolled Hem Foot! Genius.

I am so very ashamed to admit that I have tried to use my Rolled Hem Foot that came with my Janome 6600p at least a dozen times and gave up.  I actually sat at my machine and cried on several occasions.  I remember once, thinking that this foot was a joke and just added to my machine accessories to make it look like I got a lot of stuff.  No one can actually use this thing.  I even watched several Youtube videos which of course made it look easy as pie.

I am so embarrassed to share how I use to hem fine fabrics like organza.  It was a dueling task and caused me all kinds of angst.  I would have to start over several times. 

But I am no quitter, and my determination to make Prom Season sewing easier.  I grabbed me a cup of iced tea and I sat in front of my machine, grabbed the Rolled Hem Foot and said I will get this today!  Walla, after about 15 tries on my scrap organza I got.  I am now a self proclaimed professional Rolled Hem Foot Aficionado.  

Here is a picture of a Prom Dress I was tasked to hem.  What would normally take me a couple of hours, only took me fifteen minutes tops.   


Here is rolled hem foot that I have been so scared of:

My new best bud. Happy Sewing!


  1. Any special video or tip that finally made it all click for you? I TOTALLY understand feeling like that foot is thrown in as a joke... some secret club that only a few select can be admitted to! LOL!! I just found your blog today, and plan to start looking through it as I have the time (which might wait until I'm on vacation in a couple weeks!) but I've seen some beautiful things posted already.

  2. I agree with this as it worked well for me on some chiffon.

  3. Looks beautiful! I have only had success for about 12-15 inches than it all goes bad.


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