Monday, October 6, 2014

Party Sewing: Off the Shoulder Mermaid Flared Bottom Skirt Dress (woo what a name)

I had the pleasure of making a dress for my dear friends 50th Birthday celebration. The the theme was "A Crimson Affair".  

She contacted me a couple of months ago and asked if I would make her an outfit.  I was honored, but shortly after her asking me, I loss my Father, and with everything going on, I loss time.  She was patient and waited until I was ready to start her project which was two weeks out from her party.  She is very tall so we wanted to go with something that would show off her long frame. 

We had the best time deciding on what she would wear and ultimately picking this very flattering Off the Shoulder Mermaid Flared Bottom Skirt:

Off the Shoulder Flared Bottom Mermaid Dress

And this is my lovely friend wearing her dress:


I also made my outfit which will be spotlighted in the next post, and our mutual and dear friend, which happens to me her bestfriend (figure that out if you will).  Her name is Vera, and she's my sons Godmother.  Here the inspiration and final garment:


And here we are in our crimson creations made by me:

The Crimson Birthday Celebration was fabulous!  I was ecstatic watching my creations on the dance floor and the smiles on my friends face!  #itsmelaniedarling #customsewing #seamstress #sewist #sewingblogger #burgundy #birthdaycelebration

Happy Sewing!


  1. Loveliness! Everyone looks gorgeous!

  2. that's how you celebrate turning 50. You all look fabulous! You did a wonderful job on this dress Mel and her facial expression says it all. Loving all these little numbers!!!


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