Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rocky Start

I am really getting off to rocky start with my blogging.  I have been so busy getting ready for my sons graduation from the Airforce which was scheduled for 8/30/2012 but we found out late yesterday that it is now 9/14/2012.  Yeah, all the hard work and preparation put into getting ready along with $$$$ down the drain.

Anywhoo, I have to take my other son BJ back to school this weekend.  He is so excited to get back and I too am excited for him. He loves dorm life. I will miss him though, but I will not miss having a $600.00 a month grocery bill.

Now back to the sewing.  Here is the project I am working on.  I am taking a sewing class just to hone in on my pattern reading and understanding skills.  We are making the jacket, and it is coming along nicely. 

So I can't wait to show you guys how wonderful it turned out.  Have a great day!


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