Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I had a really great weekend.  A very dear and longtime friend came by and brought with her a friend, who she wanted me to meet.  They both are looking for a seamstress (which I cannot at this time call myself).  The friend of my friend is a Pastor/Pastor's Wife and was looking for someone to make simple A line skirts and wide leg pants, projects I am familiar with sewing for myself but not for others, so of course I was apprehensive and honest with them about my abilities.  They both understood and agreed, and so we came to an understanding and agreement, I would use them as my ginny pigs so to speak and they would wear my garments and give me praise.  Yeah me. 

I feel very honored and blessed, they fellowshipped with me and we had an awsome parting prayer which left me impowered and motivitated for the future. 

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